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What Is The Google Site Kit Plugin

April 26, 2021

You probably use Google services for analytics monitoring, performance checking, and other stuff if you run a website. Keeping track of them all can be difficult, which is why WordPress now has a plugin called Google Site Kit.

You can add all of your favourite Google webmaster services to WordPress using the official Google Site Kit plugin. You’ll be able to access data from your WordPress dashboard, such as Google Analytics statistics, where applicable.

What is Google’s Site Kit?

Site Kit by Google is a free, open-source plugin that gathers data from Google’s most important products for WordPress sites in one location.

WordPress users will gain centralised insights and Google product features from the WordPress admin panel once the Site Kit is installed. Deep links to Google products are also given for advanced reports and product configuration capabilities.

The plugin currently includes four Google tools and products to help WordPress sites evolve, optimise, and monetize.

  • Learn how Google Search users find your stuff.
  • Analyze how people interact with the site using analytics.
  • Set up AdSense and keep track of your earnings.
  • Identify critical efficiency optimizations with PageSpeed Insights.

Google Site Kit’s Features

Google Site Kit pulls data from Google about website management and results and shows it in the WordPress Dashboard. You will get consolidated data for the following items directly in the WordPress Dashboard after downloading the Google Site Kit on WordPress.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a fantastic platform for evaluating how well the website performs in Google. It provides information on indexing, traffic, and other primary search engine optimization (SEO) indicators.

Google AdSense

For running contextual advertising on your WordPress website, Google AdSense is the industry-leading tool. It is currently one of the best monetization/advertising networks available.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the industry-standard visitor monitoring tool. It offers several ways to track visitors’ actions, real-time traffic stats, visitor journeys on your website, and other main performance metrics, including bounce rate and visitors’ number (new and returning).

PageSpeed Insights

This influential Google tool assists webmasters in optimising their websites to load faster on visitors’ devices. Simply enter the URL to get this information, which includes a performance grade for mobile and desktop visitors, as well as suggestions and tips.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a method for performing website tests and customising content for different audiences. It aims to improve the user experience by conducting managed tests of various variants and retaining those who perform best.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tool that makes managing tags, marks, pixels, and code fragments (scripts) on your website much more accessible. It allows you to monitor and calculate every milestone that happens on your site.

It’s important to remember that Site Kit is not a substitute for any of the services listed above. Instead, it makes the process of integrating them with WordPress more straightforward. Web Kit, for example, will assist you in manually adding Google Analytics to your site if you haven’t done so already.

Site Kit also allows you to view key metrics from inside your WordPress dashboard once your services are incorporated. You will see your overall traffic, views, clicks, and goals with Google Analytics, for example.

While you don’t need a plugin to add all of those services to your WordPress site, Site Kit makes it a lot easier.

Advantages of Google Site Kit

Minimize the number of plugins on your WordPress website:

When your WordPress website has a lot of plugins, it can cause a lot of problems. It raises the likelihood of a security breach and compatibility issues. One of the most significant advantages of the Site kit is removing the need for multiple plugins for different Google software and products. You don’t have to worry about an overload of extensions slowing down your clients’ websites with a site kit.

Another advantage of the site kit is that it eliminates the need to upgrade several plugins since you just have to update one. Since Google created the tool, security is never an issue.

It’s also small and lightweight, and it’s optimised using the latest SEO techniques.

Time saver and Automated Processing:

The site kit has a reputation for increasing productivity by streamlining workflow in several ways. Many hours are saved by removing many plugins. It eliminates the need to look at several dashboards because you just have to look at one. The plugin is the best because it shows all of the WordPress backend stats. Previously, viewing all of the reports and stats for each platform required downloading a third-party plugin.

The time saved can be better used on more urgent issues like customer support and a deeper dive into client project activities.

Google Site Kit helps you to manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard view page.

Identifying possibilities:

The site kit is pre-loaded with all of the vital metrics and analytics needed to maintain and control the client’s sites. SEO reports, page speed results, and PPC campaigns are all included. You can select which services you want to integrate with WordPress after you instal the plugin.

For example, suppose you choose page speed insights. In that case, the plugin will help you generate a snapshot overview of the tool—an examination of the homepage loading times for both the site’s mobile and desktop versions. Furthermore, the Google site package scans and analyses individual pages and blogs.

Customer loyalty is increased by transparency:

Yeah, we’re all mindful of the value of maintaining a healthy level of client contact. The more transparent you are, the more confidence you can gain, and your services will ultimately be valued.

The data and the site kit provide the clients with a degree of accountability. WordPress administrators may reach a milestone at any time, thanks to automated monitoring and alerting. When you have access to it, it’s less likely that you’ll make a mistake while moving data and information from third-party dashboards.

Final Thoughts:

Many developers and website owners choose Google Site Kit because it gives them access to and manages essential resources and analytics to improve their online assets’ performance. Contact us today to find out more about website management and design.




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