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What’s the big web design trends in 2020

September 25, 2020

As a Nottingham based web design agency, its or job not only to spot trends in website design and development but to help develop those movements in the first place.

Since the big developments many many years ago now of responsive website design, and parallax web design, there’s not been any major trends. The focus over the last few years has been one or CRO Conversion rate optimisation (see my previous blogs on this). This is something that as a website development agency we are doing more and more of. So, back to the point, right now, what is the big deal.

Parallaxing with 3D objects.

I know parallax has been around a while now, however, there is still more we can do with it, especially when we add in a few more of the 2020 trends mentioned further on.

The Dark Web

Well, I don’t mean the dark wen in the true sense of the world. Apple kindly gave us Dark mode for our iPhones with iOS13. Since then, our creative eyes (that Fifteen’s very own design team) are seeing more and more of this coming to life in website designs of 2020.

As well as darker screens being easier on the eyes, the dark mode approach for websites is allowing creatives to explore a whole new side of design. Also allowing a deeper contrast with a whole new pallet of colours.

Go Deep

Depth within a website is really important these days, with screen resolutions going through the roof right now, it’s time to take advantage of this and allow the users to be immersed in the experience you are offering. So how do we achieve this? 

Well, full-screen widescreen pictures offer this by default, but how else can we designers deliver this. Soft shadows used on objects on large use of flat areas of colour with an object on the top add immeasurable depth.

Make it shine

We use and we see colour everywhere, but in my opinion, we are not seeing enough glow. 2020 have seen more of this come from the Fifteen design team and we are certainly witnessing more of it out there. Why not be bold and join the revolution and start using colour pops, neons and glows. 


We are seeing more and more use of icons in websites today, these things do work. They say that a picture paints a thousand words. Well, an icon does the same if not more. In my experience, the brain works quicker with images and icons. Well, it certainly does for the majority of people. My advise when using icons in your design is to be clean and clear, don’t add too much detail and be obvious but brave.

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