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When to Outsource Link Building (and When Not)

May 17, 2021

There are many reasons a business might want to outsource link building, with the main reasons being lack of time, resources, knowledge and experience. If this is something you have contemplated within your business or team then carry on reading to discover when and when not to outsource link building.  

Yes, If Hiring an Experienced Link Builder is too Expensive

An experienced link builder would be expecting a salary between 30-40k with a junior role still expecting 18-20k. With this figure, not only would you have to cover their salaries if you kept link building in house, but also a separate budget for content development. Additional costs would include all the tools a link builder requires to properly do their job.

Yes, If You Need Immediate Links

Link building agencies normally already have a tried-and-tested link building strategy meaning they can acquire links at a far quicker rate than an in house team. A lot of agencies have already developed relationships across industries and niches which makes gaining links far easier. 

On average it can take in-house teams 3-4 months to start getting at least 10-20 links every month. This is primarily because in-house teams don’t have an established strategy, they lack meaningful relationships and they’re still learning to pitch their ideas correctly. 

Yes, If It’s a Learning Experience for your Team

Outsourcing tasks is a great way to share knowledge and experience as you’re spending money to gain knowledge. This is a lifelong investment as you’ll  hopefully gain the knowledge to  be able to go on and build links in the best possible way alone. Even if you already have skills in link building, you’d still benefit from seeing other strategies and following other tried and tested processes. 

Yes, If the Links Would Take Too long to Acquire Alone

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a close relationship with partners then link building is likely not to be quick and easy results. It’s always important to check that the agency you go for operates within your niche, however even if they don’t, due to withstanding connections and word of mouth they’re still likely to achieve better results faster. 

Yes, If you Need to Scale your Current Link Building Efforts

Maybe you understand your business would benefit from link building but you aren’t confident in implementing and approaching it. If this is the case then agencies help select your angle and review your strategies.

No, If You’re Looking for Digital PR

If you’re just looking to have an article about you on an industry leading site then this is a task for PR. This is because from an SEO standpoint the links acquired from such sources are usually fairly weak. 

No, If you Don’t Have a Solid SEO Strategy

SEO and link building are interconnected, meaning you can’t have link building without a strong SEO strategy. To successfully link build you need to understand how many links you need to close the link gap with competitors in the SERPS and as a result rank higher.

No, If you Have Very Strict Requirements

You need to be realistic with your expectations, and clearly understand the capabilities of the agency. This requirements that are often challenged by agencies include:

  • Only wanting links from a list of sites
  • Only want links in an allocated content
  • Only want links from pages that have already built a solid number of links

No, If you Expect to Receive Referral Traffic

Experts have confirmed that there’s a slim to none chance you’ll even receive referral traffic from guest blogging never mind other link building strategies.

No, If You’re too busy to Communicate and Feedback

To get your desired results communication is key. It’s important to remember that outsourcing is about collaboration, not delegating and forgetting.

No, if you Don’t Have Sufficient Budget

Outsourcing, although can often work out cheaper than hiring someone internally, is still a pricey thing. Therefore your financial situation should be evaluated first.

Overall outsourcing link building is definitely beneficial if you lack the knowledge and time to do it yourself. It’s definitely a great way to quickly get those more valuable links that you’d struggle to achieve without the agency’s relationships. However, it’s extremely important to take the time to talk to a variety of different agencies, as one might have more partnerships in your niche, another might have more experience or achieve better results. Contact us today to find out more about how we can link your business to better results.




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