Who let the frogs out?

March 8, 2013 - Fifteen

Direct Mail Design

As part of our own direct mail marketing campaign, we wanted to design something a little unusual that would hopefully be kept on the desk of our existing and potential new clients. And what a better way to achieve that than with a branded inflatable origami frog!

The frog idea was based around loyalty of our customers and how we hoped to build lasting relationships with them and continue to be their graphic design agency of choice. The direct mail design went to over 300 clients across Nottingham and the UK, so you can imagine the time and effort that went into making each one by hand.

direct mail marketing origami frog 1

We had a phenomenal response to the direct mail design and marketing campaign and a huge response through social media of people asking for frogs and sending us pictures of their frogs.

direct mail marketing origami frog 2

If you would like help with unforgettable direct mail design, get in touch with Fifteen Design today. Call 0115 932 5151 or email us at design@fifteendesign.co.uk

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