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Why Bespoke Intranet Development Is Better Than An Off The Shelf Solution?

June 1, 2021

Any business, large or small, requires software to manage data, enhance services, and streamline processes. A mind-boggling array of tech products and services are available in the marketplace.

There are hundreds of intranet software options available for businesses, and deciding which one is best can be difficult, particularly for those who are launching their first intranet. Any hiring process should begin with a thorough understanding of what your workers want. Is there a safer way for them to collaborate online? Are they simply fed up with logging into three separate places to keep track of their work schedules? Taking the time to evaluate these issues will assist you in developing a list of goals that will direct your decision.

However, once you’ve gathered your specifications, there’s still a crowded market of intranet solutions to choose from. Most software falls into one of three groups and limiting your choices to one of these will help you make a more informed decision.

Which one do you pick? It’s difficult to choose between off-the-shelf and bespoke, buy or create. Here’s a rundown of the two choices to help you avoid making the wrong decision and save time and money.

Off-the-shelf software is a product you purchase and use without modifying.

Bespoke software is developed and created on-demand with a particular goal in mind for the company that requested it.

Unfortunately, most off-the-shelf intranet solutions have a tiny customization window. Even if there is room for customization, staying within the parameters while also getting the same intranet solution will add to the cost, assuming your team has the necessary expertise.

As a result, it appears that custom intranets outperform off-the-shelf solutions for a variety of reasons:


Off-the-shelf software is easily scrutinised by hackers, particularly for open-source software. Many plugins and enhancements are typically included with pre-built software implementations, which may increase device vulnerabilities.

However, since it contains highly classified information that must remain confidential, the intranet was designed to be highly secure. We’ve seen several examples of business data being leaked and networks being hacked by malicious outsiders. You can be sure that your code (and company information) is safe when you use custom software.


As previously stated, all applications should be created with the company’s specific needs in mind. Remember that your intranet is the face of your business. It should be in sync with every aspect of your company. The risk of using third-party apps is to look out of place in terms of branding, colours, user interface, and content.

Your intranet should help bridge the physical divide between your workers and bring teams closer together in terms of culture and company philosophy. Integration is another critical factor to consider. Your organisation most likely uses specific software regularly. You’re not going to throw away these resources just because you upgraded your intranet apps. By incorporating those tools into your platform, custom intranet developers will save you time and money.


The principle of scalability is crucial to incorporate intranet solutions. When looking for intranet solutions, most people overlook the importance of scalability. If a business expands to 100 employees, an intranet solution that serves 50 employees today can develop issues and complications.

When creating an intranet platform, keep the company’s framework in mind. What is the company’s organizational structure? Do you have several teams and internal divisions? Do you have any unique administrative issues that you need to address? You may not be able to solve this with off-the-shelf solutions.

Proprietary rights

Why not buy a wholly customized intranet solution if your company can afford it and you want to stand out? One of your most precious assets is your intranet. It can improve the team’s commitment and emotional connection and the company’s value and performance. As a result, having absolute ownership rights is preferable.


All software can quickly adapt to business procedures, but not the other way around. Since custom software is designed to be user-friendly, workers will soon become used to it, and you will save time and effort learning to use the new software. Bespoke apps would have fewer errors and time spent at work, in addition to the requisite functions.


You don’t have to be concerned about any functions ceasing to function with bespoke apps. It can be turned off at any time by the software’s owner. However, with bespoke apps, you are the sole owner of the software, and no one can take it away from you. CompetitiveĀ If your software is bespoke, your direct rivals are likely to use the same software. It allows you to customise the look and functionality of your software, allowing you to get the best price on the market. You can, for example, make it more client-focused, whereas your competitors rely on pre-made applications with limitations.


You may not have to pay to use the programme longer (as it often happens with off-shelf solutions). You also won’t have to pay for any extra functions that you may need at work.

Last Thoughts

The new trend in big businesses is to go for a bespoke intranet because it can address unique issues while maintaining its brand. To boost productivity, custom software is increasingly being used to provide seamless project management tools, a better user interface, connectivity, and content management. In the end, the type of intranet solution that is best for you is determined by the specific needs of your company. Contact us to find out more.




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