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Why Do I Need A Website? Part 1

June 20, 2019

There are loads of interesting facts on why you need a website, however, I bet you didn’t know that there are in-fact from 1993, approx. 13 million people used the interest-only once when the population stood at a low number of fewer than 6 billion people. Comparing this to most recent years, that figure has since then grown massively. Since 2015 there have been an estimated 3 Billion users of a population of just over 7 Billion people. That my friends are approximately 40%.

Why not harness this 40%? Therefore, I think there should be some good reasons for why your business would need to have a functional website. In fact, there are 9 reasons.

From 2009 we have seen a massive shift from people just solely looking on the internet, but now browsing social media. Businesses have thrived from this shift in new thinking through the world wide web and have feel that their only target is through social media only. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Also there are free website builders that allow you to create a website free (or on a monthly subscription), but again this is something that isn’t unique and could lose business in the long run.

But, it’s not all doom and gloom, there are other avenues. Smaller business owners feel that they don’t need a website and feel social media or word of mouth. But again this is something that (from my view) be avoided. What’s even more heartbreaking is that there are businesses who have not had a website since their launch, they feel they just don’t need one, as they are established enough without one.

If you are a small business owner or that you are starting out for the first time business enthusiast, you may be thinking that there could be no money in having a website – what does it gain me or why use one when social media is where many people are? But then you’re thinking how could I possibly afford a professionally designed, well-built and content managed website – when I can use free sites that allow me to make a website HOW I want it?

If you think you are not tech savvy and thinking why trouble myself with having a website? Then you don’t need to be tech-savvy to own the perfect site that gets you great leads and earns you the respect and the big bucks.

From being in this industry I feel that even with all social media has to offer there is nothing more satisfying than having a well-designed and executed professional website. If you are a business that is established and haven’t got a website – don’t rely on word of mouth – I think if you’re on the verge of retirement or even possibly travelling the world, then your business needs a website that works functionally and also works for the user.

I have waffled on, I think you might want to hear what I think are the main reasons why you need a professional website:

1. Credibility

Customer reviews online

There are ever more been more users searching online. These could be for things that they want or even need – even if it’s buying gifts, finding out the perfect answer to how to get the perfect professional website right through to comparing prices of a desired mobile phone through comparison sites. They even might want to book a table at their favourite restaurant or even the opening times of a supermarket, there are many reasons why people search the web. But if you don’t have a website then potential customers can’t see you, and then, unfortunately, be directed to your competitor’s websites.

Websites are not just there to give your users information, but it’s a way for your customers who you are, even if they are on the other end of the country, they will come to you in you are credible. This means that you will have credibility.

It says ‘I am here, I mean business, and that I am in it for the long haul.’

Why don’t I just use a You may be thinking “freebie” website? A site that I have designed and built myself? There are a fair few reasons why they don’t work well as a professionally designed or built website. But saying that – having a free website is better than having no website, to be honest. If you’re somewhat tech-savvy and know your way around a computer and software that will help you design that perfect site, then I would highly recommend you use at least WordPress. Using one of their themes and even when paying a subscription you’re then able to harness the hosting with a reliable web host, but again if you are not, then Fifteen are here to help.

To be completely honest, there isn’t nothing more professional than a website that says “Hey, look, I used a free web site builder!” Then you will be wrong. Your business can gain so much more by having a well thought about, well-designed and a built site – and Fifteen will help you with all of these and therefore with careful planning, designed responsively and with your customers’ needs in mind, your website will provide a professional image and give new and existing customers then best user experience of their lives and don’t forget, tablet users and mobile users. These would be users that you can’t be forgotten giving your business more credibility.

2. Saving you money

Save money on overheads with websites

I am sure you have said that having a truly unique website would cost you everything. But initially it could, however, you really cannot afford NOT to. Websites do vary in cost depending, your needs, your customer needs and also when your site is LIVE then a professional online site is worth the initial investment. Weighing up the costs of traditional advertising (such as print), networking at events and having a website is very cost-effective as this would cost less and get you to all four corners of the globe quicker.

When it does start to compare the costs of a professionally executed website to one of those “freebie” D.I.Y websites unless you’re skilled, then your website will cost you in time and effort that will be spent better elsewhere in your business. Not only that but if it’s not professional then maybe your site can’t be found in those search-engines SERPs, you’ll lose those new customers – and in the long run, it will cost you more.

Cash saving is what most businesses feel that is one of the most excellent reasons why your business needs a professional website, but the real reasons why you would need one and with Fifteen by your side, we could help you rank pretty high or even top of Google Searches.

3. Keeping your customers informed

Informed Customers Why You Need a Website

Simply saying it, isn’t easy. Think of this, your website is an online brochure which you can simply update at ANY time. Keeping you up to date and credible too. This is a lot easier and faster – and cheaper updating the information about your services and products on your site compared to an actual printed catalogue. But I am not saying that printed materials should ever be ruled out.

With a website, it’s an effective tool of welcoming new and existing customers to new services that you offer, letting them know about new products that you are selling, even announcing events and promotions. You can do all this quickly and without having to spend much to nothing doing this. Posting tips, resources and other information such as blogs make having your site a powerful showcase to Google and making very, very, very happy.

If you discover a mistake on your printed artwork after you have published it this could cost you so much to replace and time-consuming and also printed brochures and ads these could become out of date very quickly. But on the other hand, if you discover a mistake to your artwork after you’ve publish a page or post online, then this will take seconds to fix.

Through the power of the internet, your website can be much more than just an online brochure. There are powerful tools that you are able to attach to your site, such as videos from YouTube, adding podcasts and webinars. Not to mention the social media integration will therefore enable you to share information across many channels to reach an even wider audience.

4. A website’s always accessible wherever

24 7 Customer Service
Even if you are not 24/7, your website is and it’s even open over the festive holidays too. And with a website that is fully yours and professional, you’re able to provide both new and existing customers everything they need whenever and wherever.

Also, there are so many additional add-ons available, as well as features that are interactive, therefore visitors to the site can connect with you and your business in many ways. This will make your customers feel that you’re still there and active. So with today’s busy lives and our day to day lifestyles then this is a great selling point when making a purchase decision.

I feel that’s a great place to keep you informed this far, keep your eye out for my next blog which I will share my other 5 reasons why you should have a website, a professional one

Are you interested in finding out how Fifteen can help you design, build and market a new website or update an existing one? Drop us a message or call us on 01159325151 as we will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.




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