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Why is Digital PR Important?

July 15, 2021

Managing your identity and reputation online takes constant management and insight. Central to this is the ability to understand your audience and effectively communicate your ideals, offers and more. But how and why is digital PR important? We’re going to look at how good PR can build and maintain your identity, enhance your reputation with your customers, and increase visibility in a busy digital space.

Brand Identity and Digital PR

Brand identity is one of the most powerful tools available to brands. We live in a world where if your brand becomes synonymous with services or products it becomes part of our everyday. Think of phrases like ‘google it’, or ‘I have a zoom meeting’. Everyone knows who these brands are and have even become part of our language.

This is all down to building a good brand identity. By focusing on digital PR you can communicate with your audience and create connections where customers can learn about your identity and what you stand for. By creating a human connection with your audience you can endear yourself to them and build goodwill and return business, with just a few tweets, blogs, and news articles.

Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

Another part of building this identity is building and maintaining your business’s reputation. Unfortunately, it’s a well-known fact that people are much more likely to complain about a brand than they are to celebrate it.

Digital PR manages these responses, replying and finding out why people are unhappy while at the same time promoting positive experiences and stories. By investing in social media management and digital PR you can stay on top of any issues and ensure you maintain your brand’s reputation. Add to this the ability to get live litmus tests and reviews on new products and services and you can see how digital PR is the Swiss army knife of digital marketing.

Grow your Online Visibility

Last but not least, digital PR supports the rest of your digital marketing plan. Like content management, SEO, and social media, PR is another string to your bow, adding to these other disciplines by adding new insights and approaches. Digital PR allows you to grow your online visibility by pursuing article and link building with news outlets or brands, amplifying your social media output, and advising on what content will get the biggest reaction.

What we do

At Fifteen, we provide full-service PR packages, including offline and digital PR. Our team uses their media relations and form working relationships with influencers, publishers, and other brands to engage with your audience in new and exciting ways. We do the hard yards for you, developing these relationships, identifying key audiences, and pairing PR with campaigns. Our PR campaigns are entirely tailored to your needs and ensure we get the right people talking about your brand.

Our PR offering includes:

  • Competitor PR analysis
  • Round the clock PR monitoring
  • Bespoke media creation
  • Media relations development
  • Influencer marketing and targeted publication
  • Provide support to your content strategy and creation
  • Review and monitoring to ensure what we do works

At Fifteen, we work with clients to create exciting digital strategies that improve their visibility and conversion rates. If you’re interested in finding out more about our SEO and digital PR services then contact us today and we’ll get you talking to your audience.




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