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Why Link Building is still essential for SEO

March 5, 2021

There is no denying the importance of SEO to your company. SEO is more critical than ever in today’s dynamic market. SEO, however, can be challenging to conduct effectively because in producing high organic search results, there are many ranking factors involved.

The most significant and often most neglected element of SEO is link building. You’re missing out on a substantial business opportunity if you don’t include link building in your overall SEO strategy. Keep reading to learn the significance of link building and how, through won ties, you can further your SEO strategy.

What is Link-building?

 link building is the process of obtaining hyperlinks from other websites to your own. The way for users to move between pages on the Internet (usually only called a link) is called A hyperlink. To crawl the web, search engines use links; they will crawl the links between your website’s pages, and they will crawl the links between entire websites. There are several link building methods, and although they differ in complexity, SEOs tend to agree that one of the most challenging aspects of their work is link building. The rest of their time is spent trying to do it well by several SEOs. For that purpose, it will truly bring you ahead of both other SEOs and your competition if you can master the art of creating high-quality ties.

How Get Connections from Other Sites to You?

To get external websites to connect to yours, there are several techniques. Here are a few examples to investigate:

Content Creation: Convincing, high-quality, and distinctive content enables others to connect to your website. Remember to promote it through email marketing and social media to make it easier for people to find your content.

Ask your friends and partners for links: Connection building can be as simple as asking your friends and individuals with whom you work to link to your web. But, remaining within the boundaries of your industry or niche is crucial. Bear in mind, still, importance matters! You should always place your product, service, and website in front of market leaders and influencers who can discuss you on social media or a public review.

Using a link outreach service: While you can try to create ties on your own in many ways, many prefer to rely on a link outreach service or organization’s assistance. A reliable way to ensure connections are established is to rely on a link outreach service in most situations. We depend solely on white-hat link building strategies at SMA Marketing, protecting our customers’ integrity and ensuring that all ties are of high quality.

Why is Link-building Important?

Enhances your rating

Link building is key to a website’s success because it is the primary ranking factor on any search engine, as we discussed earlier. Most queries on the Internet start with a search engine, and one of the first three search results is clicked by most people who perform these queries. Since search engines place so much emphasis on links, it is physically impossible to rank well with search engines without some way, shape, or method of acquiring backlinks. With that being said, if you have a quality website with great information, people may connect to your website automatically without you having to put much effort into link building.  That only works, however, if individuals already know about your website. Before they can get to that point, most websites need to put their energies into link building.

Drives Traffic on Websites

Building links can also help improve the website’s traffic. ProofHub’s Nandini Sharma agrees, telling us that “Acquiring quality backlinks is not only essential to gain higher search rankings. But also to help companies drive more traffic and create a better readership base that will turn into a paying customer.” Building links will maximize your organic traffic by increasing your search engine ranking, leading to more clicks on your website (especially if you make it to the first page). The more connections you get with a high volume of organic traffic on high-quality pages, the more results you can see in traffic to your website.

Increase Brand Exposure

Not only do you want to put these links on blogs and pages that are important to your website so that you are not penalized, but to improve referral traffic as well. You want the material to apply to what you have to say because we know that the reader is interested (they clicked on it, didn’t they) in the article you are linking to. If the content is essential to your link, they are more likely to follow the link and explore your website. “Running link building campaigns work to increase brand awareness and make it more likely that you will become the go-to site for many customers looking for reliability and convenience,” confirms Emily Garner, a content specialist for Blue Claw. The fundamental aim behind link building is to find external outlets that will connect back to you or “link back to the site of our customer”, in LSEO’s words. Your brand’s search volume can increase ten-fold.

Name Exposure increases

Link building can also be useful for brand recognition, other than helping your site rank higher and eventually increase your traffic. For any website or business, the ultimate long-term aim is to become a household name.


Without link building, no SEO strategy is complete. While connection building is recognized as one of SEO’s most challenging and time-consuming procedure, it can help your site rank significantly higher, get you more traffic and significantly grow your company. For search rankings, link building is not a fast or straightforward fix – it takes a lot of time, effort, and money. That said, backlinks are still a valuable resource that can be a significant component of exposing search engines to your web assets. Although they are no longer the one-and-only search signal worth caring about, all major search engines are still significant to them.




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