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Why Remarketing?

September 1, 2015 - Fifteen

What is Remarketing?

Before you can decide if Remarketing is the right choice for you, it helps to know what it is. Have you ever looked at a website, and then been followed around the Internet by adverts for the website in question?

That’s Remarketing.

As part of AdWords, Remarketing is a great way to target users that have already visited your website, driving them towards a conversion. Whether you want users to buy from your site, or just get in touch, Remarketing is a great way to gently remind them to come back.

How does it work?

Once a user visits your website, they are added to a Remarketing list, which monitors their activity on your website. If they leave without completing one of your previously selected conversions, they are eligible for targeting.


There are many websites linked to the Google Ad Network, which give space for adverts to appear on. These “intelligent” ad spaces will show Remarketing ads, as well as other ads tailored to the individual user. If you have uploaded several types of ads to your campaign, these can show on any number of sites.

Once the user clicks on the ad in question, they are taken back through to your website, to a landing page of your choice. If they then complete a conversion, they are taken off the list. If not, the process starts again.

Benefits & Risks of a Remarketing campaign

Targeted Ads

The biggest advantage of Remarketing is that the ads are targeted to only be shown to people who have already visited your website. Unlike standard PPC ads, which are shown based on keywords, these ads are shown purely to visitors of your site. This means you can target users that are further along the customer journey. They’ve already done some research, and are more likely to generate a conversion.

Brand Awareness

Even if the user is not in a position where they are currently looking to purchase a product or contact your company for a service, Remarketing ads are great for brand awareness. Showing multiple ads to a user that is currently only researching your industry makes them more likely to remember your company when they are ready to purchase further down the line. Also, your ads can be shown on websites for some big companies, including YouTube. This promotes an image of trust and reputability for your business, even if the conversions don’t come in straight away.

Low Cost

If you’re already running an AdWords campaign, you might be surprised to find out that Remarketing is actually cheaper than traditional paid ads, despite being so targeted. Many of the remarketing campaigns we run for our clients typically cost up to a third less than the overall campaign, and generate a good percentage of conversions.

Image Ads

Remarketing allows you to include image ads as well as text ads, meaning you can create visually striking, eye-catching ads for your business. This further increases the effectiveness of the campaign, and can link in with the brand image we talked about earlier.

This is, however, where we reach the first risk of Remarketing. If your ads are not designed well, or you are only using text-based ads, this could affect the number of clicks you receive. This consequently affects the number of possible conversions from your campaign, leading to a smaller ROI.


As with all digital marketing strategies, Remarketing can be hard work. There are several things to consider, that all need regular management. Unfortunately it’s not the sort of thing that you can just switch on and leave to its own devices.

There are some websites that are not suitable for your ads, such as adult websites. Many of these are a part of the Google Ad network, so you need to set your account up to omit these. Despite this, there are always sites that make it through the filters, which need to be excluded manually.

On top of this, in order to achieve best results you need to run several ads at once, and each ad needs to be monitored to analyze the results. This analysis can then be used to help further shape the campaign.

All of this requires time and effort, which, if you don’t have an allocated person within your team, can be too much for a business to manage.

For more information about Remarketing, or for advice about ad design and campaign management, contact Fifteen’s team today.

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