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Why Should I Use WordPress For My Business Website?

August 11, 2015 - Fifteen

At Fifteen, we are huge fans of WordPress. Over the last few years we’ve programmed the majority of our sites to integrate the WordPress CMS (Content Management System).

But, in reference to the titular question; why should you use WordPress, and why do Fifteen use it?

It’s Free (but would totally be worth paying for)

If you read our previous blog about the costs of a website, you’ll know that there is so much to consider when building an online presence for your business. Hosting, domain names, digital marketing and web support are all ongoing costs for any website. By using WordPress we alleviate some of those costs for our clients. Why should you have to pay ongoing support for a bespoke CMS when WordPress is so good? WordPress allows us to build bespoke websites, all with the same core management system, at a fraction of the cost (well, for free). This saving can then be passed on to the client.


There are many templates and plug-ins available on WordPress, which mean you can normally get the look and functionality you need at the click of a button. We have built (and still build) template websites for some of our clients.

The beauty of WordPress though is that you are not limited by the choice of templates and plug-ins. If you find a plug-in that would be perfect with a few tweaks, or you want a completely bespoke theme building, we can do that. WordPress provides the framework to create literally anything you want. Just take a look at our website, which has been built around WordPress. We’ve built in a number of features including parallax animation, responsive web design, and custom menus.

Google Loves WordPress (which is great for SEO)

We’ve just spoken about the framework that WordPress provides. This simple framework is why Google loves WordPress so much. It allows the site to be crawled by Google’s bots with ease, and blogging adds regular content. All of this has a positive effect on your SEO (search engine optimization), and will improve the rankings of your keywords.

It’s Mobile Friendly (another tick for Google)

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, Google recently released an algorithm update that favours websites with mobile compatibility. This comes as standard with WordPress, with many of the provided themes providing two versions (one for desktop, one for mo

bile). Again, this is down to WordPress’ brilliant framework. It allows us to build truly responsive designs for all of our websites, and tick of another item on the ever-growing list of Google’s requirements for success.


A lot of companies deal with sensitive information, whether it be payment details, personal details of members, or something completely different. WordPress offers complete security for all websites on the platform. Being so well known, WordPress is a regular target for hackers, so they have created a secure platform that businesses can trust.

Content Management (it’s not just about blogging)

Arguably one of the best things about WordPress is its content management system. The CMS is so good, and so easy to use, that most of our clients rarely require additional support once they have received their initial training on how to use it. The CMS allows you to easily add pages, copy, blog posts, images, videos, and much more. Fifteen can program a site so that all content is presented consistently throughout the site, or can play around with the layout on each page to create some truly engaging content.

It’s Constantly Improving

If you’re reading this and thinking, “How could WordPress get any better?” then you’re not alone. WordPress is fantastic, and we can’t possibly think of anything that would improve it. Fortunately the team at WordPress don’t think like that, and are constantly working on improvements. If you find something that you don’t like, chances are there’ll be an update that improves it in a couple of months.

Fifteen Use It

We’ve already mentioned that we use it, but think it’s worth mentioning again. We won’t try and sell a product to our clients that we don’t believe in ourselves. WordPress is a brilliant platform that is easy-to-use, secure, highly customisable, and adds a level of compatibility that can’t be found on other platforms.

To join us and many other businesses on the WordPress platform, contact our team of experts today for advice and information about our range of template sites and bespoke web design services.

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