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Why You Should Be Using Google+

September 9, 2015 - fifteen

Nobody uses Google+, right? Wrong.

Google+ is now the second most popular social networking site after Facebook. This means there are more people using it than Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Despite this fact, so many businesses are not utilising the benefits of what is slowly becoming one of the best social media platforms.

Google+ Integration

Why you should be using Google+

Integration with other Google services

Got a blog to post? Documents to share? Videos to upload? Google+ integrates so well, and so easily, with all other Google services. This means that any content marketing can be set up to share automatically to your Google+ account, and straight to your followers.

It helps your SEO

Speaking of Google services, Google automatically logs all information you share with any of its apps. Posts on Google+ are automatically indexed and crawled, so by including relevant keywords and links back to your site, it can help to improve your overall rankings on Google search. It’s really a case of you scratching Google’s proverbial back, whilst they scratch yours.

It’s a little less bloated than others

Facebook now has over a billion monthly users, and it’s starting to affect the overall experience on the site. They have opted for a number of algorithms, which restrict the amount of people that organic posts can reach, including personal accounts as well as business pages. Twitter opts for no algorithms, but is updated so frequently that it’s easy to get lost in the constant barrage of tweets. Google are the masters of algorithms, and the smaller amount of users means a much more streamlined experience.

Easily managed

This streamlined experience is due to, in part, Google+’s management of interactions. Circles are great. They offer a much more natural way of managing your relationships online, mirroring real life relationships. How many times have you looked at your list of friends/followers on Facebook/Twitter and wondered who somebody is? Google+ allows you to split your relationships in to your own categories for easy management. You can also choose which circles to share each post with, meaning you can tailor posts to clients, partners, and employees.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts have amazing potential for marketing.
With Hangouts, you can:
• Video chat with up to nine people
• Share files
• Watch a YouTube video together
• Share your screen
• Record sessions for viewing later
• Broadcast your chats live

There are a number of businesses that use these features very effectively to promote crowdsourcing, Q&A’s, demonstrations, giveaways, and behind-the-scenes videos. The very nature of Google Hangouts promotes a sense of community with members. Whether you use it for customers, partners or employees, it is a great way to bring your audience closer.

For more information about how Google+ can help your business, and to discuss your social media marketing needs, contact our friendly team of experts today.

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