Why you should start content marketing today

July 9, 2014 - Fifteen

Content Marketing is the future.

Content marketing is the new buzz word which is currently being thrown around the SEO and digital marketing field.

Content marketing is the creation of a unique and informative resource, which helps and inspires your potential customers. Great content can take many forms from, infographics, short videos and blog posts.

Currently businesses who are using quality content to market themselves are gaining the upper hand, in terms of improved rankings and demonstrating expertise within their business sector to their potential customers.

Why is content marketing becoming so important?

The average person sees hundreds of adverts everyday, so much to the extent that they almost do not notice many of them unless they are looking for something very specific.

Research has shown that people will engage more with your business if you offer great content which they enjoy reading or makes them laugh. This will not only establish your company as a leading expert within the industry but you will also benefit from improved conversion rates as you have already established trust with the potential customer.


Tailoring content to your audience

One of the keys to successful content marketing is creating compelling content, which your customers enjoy, reading or watching.

Before you create any content it is important to ask yourself if you would want to read or watch this content. If not it maybe worth the effort of creating the content, as chances are your potential customers will not enjoy or want to read the content either.

More often then not this is where businesses go wrong, the content is slightly off and fails to effectively engage customers.

Content marketing can be a great way for your business to demonstrate that you are leading experts within the sector. It can be a great additional marketing strategy for many businesses and is well worth a look in.

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