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Treat Your Website Like a Member of Staff

September 12, 2016 - Fifteen

Your website is like a member of your staff.

People will judge you by it.

Hear about you from it.

And buy into it.

Your website should be treated as your most valued member of staff, and a lot of the time, your real staff are simply a bi-product of the website itself.

This is why a company’s website is often one of it’s most important attributes…and should be treated as such.

Your website should say “Hi, we are Fifteen, how can I help you find what you need?” – just like your receptionist would. This should be the first role of any website, to find out exactly what your potential customer needs, show them how you can help and prove why you, out of everybody else, should be the one doing so.

Too often agencies are so caught up in proving themselves as the most modern and innovative within their field; they often forget the key principle in being successful: building websites that provide a service, product or information that is both helpful and warranted. Front and centre, a website must express exactly how you can meet your typical customer’s needs.

Just like when you train a new member of staff to be able to answer any potential queries that a customer might have, your online presence also needs to help your customers and clients to quickly and easily find the answer to their questions.

Another mind-set is to never accept that you have ‘finished’ your website.

Just as you wouldn’t employ someone and then leave them to it, with no expectation of development or improvement, a new website is simply a starting platform to build on. The day your website goes live, is the first day of a process of continual reviewing, improving and adding to make it more effective.

It can tell the story of your company better than anyone at your organisation. Whether through compelling (and inspiring) stories, or through video, or interactive tools, your website can demonstrate your strengths and capabilities by showcasing your unique understanding and insight into your visitors’ needs. Your web content has to have depth and breadth for each of your services by linking with relevant content, helping connect visitors to the content that is most compelling. Developing a robust website content strategy is becoming equal to – if not more important than – a good marketing strategy.

Any time of the day or night, people expect to be able to get information about your organisation through your website. Contact information, your latest press releases, information about your services and more; and they are accessing it anywhere – while waiting in line to grab a coffee, out food shopping, or (shhh- don’t tell anyone) whilst they’re at work. Your website can be the most important asset you have at your company. It can become your most valuable employee.

Your website should also be your best salesperson, supporting you in helping qualify leads and in making the sale. Tools like marketing automation (which help you nurture messaging throughout the decision-making process) and CRM (which help you track your ongoing relationships with people interacting with your company), have to be integrated as part of your website experience, helping you communicate and understand your visitors.

But are you treating your website like a member of staff? Are you ensuring you have the right content on your site to appeal to your audiences? Is it showcasing your strengths, and supporting your brand? Does it look and act professional, and is it always able to help anyone that uses it find the information they need? Is it aligned with your strategies (and willing to adapt to new ones, as needed)? Is it easy to update and are you spending time to learn what it’s telling you?

If not, Fifteen can help.

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