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Why You Should Use Video On Your Business Website

April 30, 2021 - Fifteen

For search engine optimization (SEO) and brand recognition, video marketing is just as essential as your website’s written content. To be honest, it could be even more crucial. According to recent trends, video usage has never been higher, and the benefit it brings to your company cannot be overstated. That’s why we’re sharing three reasons to include videos on your website, as well as some helpful hints for creating engaging material.

Videos are one of the fascinating communicative marketing resources available today. They are the most potent storytelling tools, and almost every company has used them to educate, engage, and convince their potential customers. However, did you know that you can use videos as a design feature in addition to using them as explainer videos or social media videos? Videos on the homepage are, indeed, the key. Homepage videos enhance your company’s website, immediately activate your target audience’s senses, and keep you relevant across all platforms. Furthermore, these videos will elicit an emotional reaction from your prospective customers, resulting in more extended stay periods.

Here are the reasons to have a video on your company’s website:

Boost Your Google Rankings

Dwell time, or how long visitors spend on your website, is one of Google’s variables when determining search rankings. “Long clicks vs short clicks” is another term for this. If people are spending a lot of time on your website, it must have high-quality content. A short, convincing video is a perfect way to capture—and keep—visitors’ attention.

Businesses that have a video on their website typically see higher engagement, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

Create a Distinct Brand Personality

Visibility is essential today. It is the age of battling for supremacy among fierce rivals. However, if you are not unique, you may not stand out amid the turmoil. You must develop a strong brand personality to become one-of-a-kind. Adding videos to your homepage gives your target audience a sense of who you are. Embedded videos are an excellent way to present the company’s culture in a more appealing and contemporary manner.

Your guests will figure out who you are as a company and how you vary from the competition. They will be able to relate to what you’re trying to say and form a long-term emotional bond with you.

Google is a Major Video Fan

Visitors can spend more time on your platform if you use videos. As a result, increased visibility creates trust and alerts search engines that your site contains valuable content. Moovly provides us with some impressive numbers: If you have a video embedded on your website, you’re more than fifty times likely to rank first on Google. After Google acquired YouTube, the number of influence videos have on your search engine ranking has increased significantly.

Make sure your YouTube videos are SEO-friendly. Make titles and explanations that are intriguing. Have a link to your company’s website, products, and services. Provide a roadmap for future customers to take the next step. Even, to inspire even more acts, look into the world of interactive images.

Showcase Your Goods

A demo video can be much more powerful than a written summary when the product needs a slightly more comprehensive explanation. Buff’s multifunctional headband is a perfect example of a product demonstration video. Since their product is so flexible, it’s only logical to educate potential customers of all of the various ways they can use it.

Now that you know how important video is for your business website, remember to share your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and all social media sites to get the most exposure possible.

To help them get identified, make sure to use explicit titles and keyword-rich explanations, and you’ll be well on your way to higher engagement, click-through, and conversion rates!

Potential Customers Are Amused And Engaged

Homepages are the first pages a visitor sees while visiting a website. They form the first impression of the website via these. As a result, it’s essential to create a pleasurable experience for them. The easiest way to engage your audience with your brand is to have videos on your homepage. A video context on a website serves a dual purpose: it is both insightful and entertaining. A platform like this has the potential to engage your audience both actively and passively.

There’s no doubt that your target audience becomes engrossed in your brand. As a result, they remain longer on your platform and are more engaged with your value proposition and call to action.

Build a Stronger Bond with Your Visitors

Custom videos showcasing your employees are a perfect way to reinforce the link with your website guests. People prefer to purchase from people they know, or at least believe they know. So, why not use a custom video to welcome visitors to your team? Video is a perfect way to get visitors closer to you and your company, whether it’s employee profiles, product demos, or a live delivery of your company’s mission statement and values.

Your Overall Conversions And Sales Boosts

Without a doubt, properly implementing video marketing tactics would help you increase the number of sales and benefit lines.

Without question, videos will help you make a lot of money and sell a lot of stuff. If you have a video on your website landing page, it will increase and amplify conversions by nearly 80%. Furthermore, the implementation of videos leads to an improvement in revenues and revenue for your company.

As a result, the overall success of the video marketing strategy comes as no surprise. It increases and improves the rate of interaction on extensive notes. So, making creative videos of your brand and then showing them to your audience in an organic way to boost your business sales.

Final Thoughts

As a result of all of these factors, video production and video marketing techniques are unavoidable. If you’re new to the business world, don’t overlook the importance of creating videos for your target audience. Furthermore, video production provides you with a seamless and smooth road to staying ahead in the dynamic business environment. It is a highly effective technique for increasing conversion rates.

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