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WordPress 4.5 released

April 13, 2016 - Michael Burton

WordPress, the most popular Content Management System in the world released version 4.5 yesterday.

The new version of WordPress doesn’t have that much of an impact on how you would use your site, as it is what is called a ‘second point release’ – meaning that none of the major functionality (such as writing posts, changing pages, et al) has changed. Instead it’s more of a feature release, but the features which have been added could be quite helpful to you in managing your WordPress site.


Most of the changes are within WordPress’ Customiser module. This allows you, the site owner or admin, to edit a page and see it reflected live in real time.

This may be news to you, but the Customiser has actually been ‘a thing’ for quite a while. The latest release has simply made it possible to change your logo via the customiser, which is great news as it is a lot easier now.




Responsive Design Improvements

The customiser also allows you to see how your site will look on all devices with a new “Responsive Preview” mode. Click a button and you can see how your site looks on a Tablet. Another button and you see how it looks on a Phone. Much easier than manually switching between all of those devices.

Editor Improvements

There’s also been an improvement to the editor which allows you to inline-edit your links, which will no longer distract you from your posts with a pop up box.




What do you think of these new features? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Michael Burton

Michael Burton

Lead Developer

Mikey started in 2015, and since then has worked his way up to being Lead Developer at Fifteen. Proud to be the fifteenth member of the Fifteen team, Mikey has spearheaded our Laravel Development plans, dabbles in systems administration and devops, and works alongside the development team to ensure the quality of work coming out of the studio is the best it can be.

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