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Getting Designers in to Work – Work Experience

October 17, 2013 - Fifteen

Providing budding designers the opportunity for work experience is something very close to the heart of creative director Ollie. He knows from experience just how hard it can be to catch that lucky break in the graphic design world. For this reason Ollie has made it his mission to ensure Fifteen helps open that door for designers with that potential and spark that just need the opportunity to flourish in a working environment.

Fifteen have a 10 week work experience scheme for university students, supporting young people to work on their portfolio and gain that invaluable experience in a fast pace, dynamic design studio, working on real life projects with the support and guidance of experts in the Fifteen team. In fact, our scheme has been so successful that every student who has come to us, has then found employment within weeks of their placement ending. Our very own Lofty even began this way and we were so impressed we couldn’t let her go!


Check out what some of our past apprentices have said.

“I consider myself fortunate to be given the opportunity to work at Fifteen on a placement, not least because I had 7 years of industry experience prior to being accepted. The challenge for me was to break the bad habits I had from 5 years in the same job as an in-house designer. It’s fair to say I felt left a little deflated and behind with the current crop of designers emerging from University. However, the valuable time spent at Fifteen presented new challenges and experiences which demonstrates how much the industry has and continues to change.”

“My time at Fifteen Design was invaluable to me. It would have been 1,000 times more difficult to break into the industry if I hadn’t have had my placement there. I was able to build an amazing portfolio in just three months, similar to that a of designer in the industry for a year or more. Thanks Fifteen Design.”

“My placement at Fifteen Design was a real eye opener into the industry and played a huge part in me getting a job as a designer.”

“I had an absolute blast and learned loads in such a short space of time. I wouldn’t be in the career I’m in now if it wasn’t for my time at Fifteen.”

“I worked a Fifteen design on a 1 month placement straight after University. I was welcomed with open arms by the guys (and Lofty) and was made to feel instantly as part of a great team. As a work placement I expected I would only be doing odds and ends jobs, but I got thrown in at the deep end straight away which was brilliant. I learnt more in my month at Fifteen than I did in a year at University. The team were always supportive of me (even when I made a bad cup of tea) or messed up, and gave me high praise when I did something they were pleased with. Working at fifteen was a professional, but fun experience that I will always be thankful for as it made me ready to join the Graphic Design industry. I couldn’t be more grateful the team. They are a little bit of awesome”.

We provide less intensive but no less valuable work experience opportunities for school and college students, you’re never too young to embrace that creative vision!



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