Brand Identity and Guidelines

A brand is more than just a logo. In a multi-channel world, everything you do is important.

Bringing a logical process to the creative world does not create an oxymoron. It’s two worlds that meet in an essential manner for any brand that wants to create impact in a cluttered up world. In fact, giving structure to everything about your creative is necessary. We know that it gets to you when someone uses your logo the wrong way. Or even worse, someone prints your logo in a different colour. The deadline’s gone, and it’s out there in the world, almost taunting you. We feel your pain. But what instructions were there in the brief? What materials could be consulted as the deadline approached?

We’re fond of saying that the brand is more than the logo. So imagine inconsistencies like a wrongly-coloured logo being rolled out across image selections, video or even error-strewn copy in a magazine ad? In the modern age, as we scroll through our news feed consuming content at a ferocious rate, it’s essential that all of your brand’s marketing materials are recognisable and consistent. There’s so much out there to say – and so much out there that can go wrong. So it’s essential so that customers can attach true meaning to what you have to say and what you have to show them, no matter what channel they’re engaging with you on.

That’s why the process is essential. That’s why guidelines – dull as they sound in the creative industries – actually rock our world. A finely honed brand identity sharpens your offering. It gives you the edge.

Brand Identity

Creating a sharp brand identity and logo is second nature to us. We’ve years of experience of elevating brands new and old in this way. But we believe brands today need to consider not only a logo, or a font, or an image in isolation. It’s essential to think how all of your communications work together. Because of a photo on Facebook and a headline in a print advert all matter in our multi-channel world. It all needs to work together to create meaning and recognition in your audience’s mind. So we don’t just develop a “logo” – even though that itself would work differently on different channels. We’ll rock your world with a visual system, where typography, colours and imagery combine to show-off you and your communications. To engage. To delight. To make people smile.

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Brand Guidelines

In the multi-channel galaxy, you’ll want your communications to be recognised as your own. You’ll want the way your brand is presented to be consistent so that there is order in the chaos. We’ve years of experience in creating brand guidelines – a document that explains how your brand’s visual system works. Taking into account the brand identity, colours, typography, layouts and graphic systems, images and example of uses. Whether online as a brand portal to aid global clients or as a printed edition to have on your desk, this is a rulebook you can issue to anyone who’s ever going to work with or on your brand. It means that all of your materials are produced consistently. And you’ll never be a rogue logo again.

Brand Portfolio Architecture

Not every brand is, well… a brand. A single brand. There’s every chance you’ll have sub-brands, different product ranges, multiple personalities in a complex world. You may well have different brand identities now or plan to add to your brand portfolio in the future.  We’re skilled at bringing order to the chaos – making sure that we don’t just give structure, but that each of the identities works well in isolation and among all of your brands. We bring logic and reason to the creativity. That means we will build your brand equity with a clear strategy of how to grow your brand portfolio

The process of Brand Refinement

Brands are always in a state of flux – and it’s likely you’ll be thinking years ahead for your own business. You’ll have future aims. Passions. Goals. So we’ll work with you, one on one, with your teams or as part of your team, in a collaborative process to help refine your brand. That means we listen and create a meaningful dialogue in developing the creative look and feel to ensure your vision is future-proofed. It’s a two-way thing – it’s you and us. And we’ll give you a crystal-clear project process as the project detonates into something fresh, collaborative and concise.

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