The Client

Blueskeye AI is on a mission to improve wellbeing through objective and accessible apps that use face and voice technology to monitor mental health for both the public and health care professionals.

Through ongoing behavioural understanding their world-leading face analysis and automatic human behaviour technology aims to advance objective diagnosis and improve treatments for patients all across the world.

The Brief

With improving female mental health and wellbeing at the forefront, Blueskeye AI came to Fifteen to design a smartphone app experience that would help females monitor their fertility. After conception, the app would support them through their pregnancy journey. All the while, utilising their world-leading face analysis and automatic human behaviour technology, to objectively detect and analyse mood changes.

The Solution 

Initial meetings with Blueskeye AI were filled with learning to understand the technology and it’s capabilities. Along with hands-on research through beta testing.


Using the name Avocado as a starting point, a brand was formed that gave the app its own identity within the Blueskeye AI family. Comprising of a wordmark alongside an avocado, the logo is soft and rounded to convey a friendly and welcoming tone.

The Avocado design brings attention to the core and heart of the fruit, harmonising the focus and goals of the app. The bold palette brings connotations of love and warmth and purposely avoids a clinical look to encourage a relaxed and honest interaction with the app and its tasks.


App Design

To achieve the main aim of the Avocado app we needed to ensure the user journey was functional as well as enjoyable, to encourage daily interaction.

It is only through interaction with the app and Kira – the face of their underpinning AI that actively listens and responds, that data is gathered and analysed. This analysis can then be delivered to the user and healthcare professionals to show the patient’s mood and factors that may contribute to this.

To encourage interaction, Kira guides the user through their pregnancy journey with a range of short tasks that measure mood and mental health status.

These tasks include:

  • Logging metrics
  • Reading a book out loud
  • Singing a lullaby
  • Recording a mood diary
  • Playing peekaboo

Mood is delivered for each session through the use of seasons. The seasons identify whether mood is high, low or fluctuating to help with mood management. Colour is used to reflect the changes in mood and detailed analysis is available for the patient to identify the factors that could have contributed to this.

Additional touches throughout the app also help to document the pregnancy journey, monitor babies health, manage appointments and deliver key information to support the mother to be. As a result, increasing engagement and the desire to keep visiting and interacting with the app.

We wanted to ensure the app was both easy and a delight to use. To ensure this, the main screens and mood tasks were wireframed, ensuring an easy and straightforward user journey, before moving into the design phase of the app.

A supporting suite of icons and illustrations help to give context and understanding throughout the app.


The app is now available to download on both the IOS and Android market.

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