The Brief

With no plans for slowing down, Bikeability aims to deliver cycling courses to 5 million children by 2025. To further their chances, Bikeability came to Fifteen to improve their online experience, with a strong focus on bettering the useability of their search – a vital stage in connecting parents to the course providers. A stage that was currently causing an obstruction with lack of guidance and call to actions.

Being led by the Government, accessibility needed to be considered throughout design and development to deliver a WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) AAA compliant website that provides a seamless experience for everybody accessing the website.

The Solution

In the initial stages we worked closely with Bikeability to analyse their customer personas and user needs; gaining a better understanding of their users and their individual goals, values and aspirations. From this user journeys were mapped to highlight the current blockers that were stopping visitors from gaining the information they needed and formed the foundations to ensure the new website would satisfy the desires of each website user.

A further UX review and SEO Audit were carried out on the existing website to identify areas for improvement with a focus on improving user experience, helping users to understand Bikeability and increasing accessibility and inclusivity.

Moving from discovery to wireframing, we created a working prototype that allowed user testing against our objectives to validate the new layout and structure before moving into the design stage.

Restructuring the sitemap allowed us to dedicate certain areas of the website to each user persona, giving them an easier journey through the website and access to information relevant to them.

The new responsive website for Bikeability not only improves the usability of the course finder but is also a hub of resources for teachers, parents and students looking to further their learning and inspire them to continue cycling after the course.

Case studies, stories and illustrations were used throughout the website to bring Bikeability to life and portray a fun and active lifestyle.

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