Love My Skin

The Client

Love My Skin are a beauty technology brand, owned by their parent company Kinetik Wellbeing. Love My Skin believe in providing their customers with the best technology in the beauty industry. Their product range covers anti ageing, clear skin and cleansing and most recently – Laser Hair Removal. Their products are available in stores like Boots, TK Maxx and Superdrug.

Love My Skin

The Brief

Fifteen delivered brand, packaging design, ecommerce website and digital marketing campaign for Love My Skin. The aim for the project was to launch and promote Love My Skin’s latest product, the Laser Hair Remover, a high end item that would be the flagship product for the brand.


Working closely with the client, we established a target audience for the brand. This allows us to explore avenues of design based on these focus groups. The icon works in tandem with the umbrella Kinetik brand which we previously designed, however it also works well as a standalone icon to identify Love My Skin. We backed the brand up with gentle typography to be inviting to the users. We also created a floral pattern used throughout the brand and line iconography which works well to explain how the product works online and in stationery. The main aim of the brand is to be gentle, inviting and not try and scare users off of the concept of using a laser, which could perhaps be a daunting idea to first timers.

Although the Laser Hair Remover launched as an online only item, we were conscious that the packaging had to be luxurious looking, competing with the likes of Philips and Tria.

We carried the floral theme throughout the packaging design, a custom box that is crafted to the product perfectly. As well as the boxing, an envelope containing the User Guide, Welcome Letter, Progress Chart and Offer Token were all part of the brand package and tied together with the product beautifully.

Website & Social Media

Working side by side on the branding project, we got to work wireframing the website. The site has a small pool of products, which allowed us to really tailor each page to the individual items available on the site. Of course the most interactive page on the site needed to be for the Laser Hair Remover. This wasn’t just from a brand point of view, but also from a safety point of view as we had to implement a skin/hair colour checker to determine who was eligible and safe to use the product.

As well as this, the system is built on WordPress and uses WooCommerce to facilitate the inventory. This allows the client to easily process orders, as well as being able to implement special terms and voucher codes. The site is responsive, as it was clear the main demographic would be using the site on a mobile or tablet device more commonly than a desktop.

In the run up to the site launch and afterwards, we have created and implemented a social media ad campaign to drive new users to the site. As the website was a breakout from the previous Kinetik Wellbeing site, we needed to ensure the new domain was being reached. Image led social campaigns on Facebook and Instagram ensured we targeted the correct audience for the product, as well as being a way of showcasing the product in action.

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