Orphans in Need Website Design

The Client

Orphans in Need work to create opportunities for orphans and widows to build their lives, to protect themselves, to gain the skills and confidence needed to face the challenges of life, and to feel empowered to change the world around them. They tirelessly raise money to help provide these orphans and widows with food, shelter, and a future, giving them hope when all seems lost through food parcels, orphan sponsorship and the construction of Orphans’ Villages.

We are pleased to reveal their brand new charity website design and development – completed by Fifteen in partnership with Hendrix Media.

Orphans in Need Website Design


Before we put pen to paper, it was important to understand what OiN wanted to achieve. Their existing website was doing the job, but not to the level they required from a business standpoint. Visually it required a total facelift in order to reach a wider audience and to stand up to competitors.

Once we were on the same wavelength as the client, we began the wire framing progress. Mapping the user’s journey was one of the most important tasks to undertake, with the ease of donating being the key to the website’s success. By using analytics and heat mapping we got a better understanding of how users behaved across the existing website and how we could improve upon it. Our UX design team pushed ahead with wireframes that shows a significantly improved user flow.


The visual was equally as important in making the Orphans in Need website a great website. Using edge to edge imagery and design we have made the focus on the children and the incredible work that Orphans in Need undertake to improve their lives.

All pages include calls to donate, sponsor a child or even get involved in the fundraising events held by OiN. So no matter where you are on the site, there is no danger of getting lost or coming to a dead end.

One of the vital criteria we had to meet for the client, was to ensure that their CRM was integrated into the website seamlessly. Our development team worked closely with OiN to make sure their needs were met as well as making sure the CMS was easy to use.

This integration is key to making sure that there is a frequent rotation of orphans that appear on the sponsorship page, something we thought was important not only to a user, but also to the client. It was expressed that some of the older children were less likely to be chosen for sponsorship, so with this in mind we also included an area within the page where you could let OiN choose who you sponsor.

Developing the website to be fully responsive was a no brainer, as a huge amount of traffic to the site was from mobile devices. This practice ensures that every user, no matter what device they are using, is given the best experience of the site. As well as this, Google now look at responsive websites favourable in terms of SEO.


The Result

Since the launch of the Orphans in Need website in May 2015, the client has seen some great results

  • In the first  month of going live the website reached over 32,000 page views.
  • Bounce rate reduced significantly.
  • 170% increase on ‘Donation’ page views
  • Website engagement up by 50%

In September Orphans in Need received the WebAward for Non-Profit Standard of Excellence, a huge achievement for the company. This was then followed by a nomination for Website of the Year 2015, with competition from some the larger UK charities.

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