RSPCA Nottingham and Notts

The Client

RSPCA Nottingham and Notts do critical work to rehabilitate animals across the district so they are well enough to begin their rehoming journey. Without the support and donations from local caregivers they wouldn’t be able to help the hundreds of animals who are saved from cruelty and harm each year and they work tirelessly to continue to do so.

RSPCA Nottingham and Notts

The Brief

The RSPCA Nottingham and Notts came to Fifteen to help redesign their website. The poorly structured content and outdated design and development was stopping users from being able to access the information they require to help animals in need and constant phone calls to the office was putting pressure on the team – pressure that we knew we could help alleviate by following best practices and ensuring the content each user required was easy to find.

The Solution

From initial meetings with the team it was apparent that their current website was not telling the full story. Fueled by donations, the team at RSPCA Nottingham and Notts were providing a range of services and critical care to animals in need that was not obvious upon visiting the website. 

We worked with RSPCA Nottingham and Notts to use the website to unfold their story. Stats were used to quickly deliver facts and figures, showcasing their capability and the impact they are having. With the addition of case studies being used to support these and shine a light on the great work they carry out with all donations given to the charity.

This was teamed alongside a new design and website structure. The removal of outdated content and restructuring of pages, not only allows easier access to information for their users but also allows the RSPCA Nottingham and Notts to manage and update their content as and when needed to keep all content current and up to date.

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