SonicScrubber Case Study

The Client

SonicScrubbers provides a range of electric scrubbing brushes, designed to help with cleaning stubborn and hard to reach areas around the house as well as outdoors.

The range currently consists of a household version and a pro-detailer marketed towards automotive cleaning. SonicScrubbers is a global brand that has been around since 2007 and, despite fierce competition from rivals and copycats, it remains the top seller in its category.

The Brief

SonicScrubbers came to Fifteen as they felt that they were missing out on a flourishing market on social media that they were yet to take advantage of.

Instagram was the priority platform for SonicScrubbers, especially seeing as Mrs Hinch (3.8M followers) had been a fan of the brush for several years.

Another reason for the approach was to establish brand authority. Amazon, in particular, is riddled with almost identical looking, cheap copies of the SonicScrubber that often have a sub-par quality, which impacts the reputation of the official brush when viewers mistake the fake for the real version.

By building a strong following and social media presence, SonicScrubbers wanted to help build a reputation for being THE SonicScrubber.

As part of the social media management, we were also to handle influencer enquiries, but with no additional budget aside from product gifting.

The Solution

When we first met with SonicScrubbers, we were excited to become part of a product that was a clear proven success and endorsed by influencers and micro-influencers alike.

As we started to research the brand and the market, we realised the opportunity that was there for the SonicScrubber. Instagram is covered with cleaning influencers and micro-influencers and the community is engaged – and thus began our journey to ride the wave.

Another thing that we realised during the research stage was that @SonicScrubbers was regularly being tagged in posts and mentioned via #sonicscrubber and #sonicscrubbers.

The brand was also being tagged in stories which, again, highlighted the engagement in the cleaning community.

In our initial meeting, we discussed several ways of generating content and an immediate suggestion from our team was to focus on a mixture of user-generated content (UGC) and professional footage.

As we took over the account we realised that there was enough UGC to feed the platform without the additional cost of professional photography sessions on a 3-month basis which was initially discussed.

In the initial meeting, the client had also expressed a desire for an Instagram grid that had an identity, however, the client had big changes coming up so we agreed to start on a lower retainer until the right time came to introduce more visual personality to the profile.

As time went on, we slowly started to add more branded and sales-focused posts through graphics that helped form a more visual grid – which is now in place.

The account had been dormant since it was set up, with just a handful of posts. Considering this, the following was a respectable 1,206.
Due to the impact Facebook following has on potential paid advertising, we also decided that we would boost the following on the platform through a giveaway and by posting to Facebook through Instagram at no additional cost.

The Results


When we took over SonicScrubber’s Facebook and Instagram accounts the page likes and followings were 166 and 1,206 respectively.

With the initial brief from the clients being Instagram management, Facebook did not have much attention in the first couple of months, but as an added service we offered to populate the page on a lower level.

As time went on, we could sense that the low following on Facebook was at a level where users could think the page was fake or fraudulent so we decided to try and boost the following through a giveaway.

By the time we hit the six-month mark, the Facebook page had grown by 135%, up to 390, whilst Instagram following had been boosted by 119% – jumping by 1,440 to 2646.

The Facebook following had a real boost in followers as the giveaway started to take off and by the time the seventh month was complete the page likes had crossed the 1,000 mark – which put it in a less fraudulent looking category.

By the 12th month, Facebook page likes had increased by 628%, from 166 to 1,043. Despite the page being a low priority, it is now generating sales, which was not the case when we took over.

From the healthy increase after six month, the Instagram following went from strength to strength and, increasing at an accelerated rate for the next six months.

After 12 months the total following had gone up by 3,394 – 381% – and totalled 4,600.

The Instagram following continues to blossom and in the next 12 months, we hope to accelerate the growth further as we hunt the next landmark which now is 10,000.

Instagram Post Performance

In the first 12 months in management, SonicScubbers generated a total of 244,927 organic impressions – reaching more than 221,867 people.

The posts attracted 7,429 organic engagements throughout the first year, with an average of 636 engagements per month.

As we continue with year two, we aim to amplify the year one stats and grow the reach and engagement on posts, something we believe is more than realistic with fresh plans and exciting events happening.

Website Traffic and Sales

Both the Facebook page and the Instagram page have built-in e-commerce shops and links to the website with UTM tracking applied so we can credit different sources for both traffic and sales.

The most effective way of generating sales on social media is through paid ads, however, it is also possible to generate sales organically.

With a mixture of posts, where sales-oriented content is dispersed, we have managed to build SonicScubber’s organic social media channels as a solid stream of traffic and sales.

In the first twelve months of management, the social media channels drove 6,817 people to the website. These visitors completed 353 transactions, either assisted by or directly through organic social media. For SonicScrubbers, a transaction is the only thing that is set up as a goal completion.

Purchase figures have been spiked by the ongoing coronavirus situation, with a boom during early summer as retailers such as Amazon selling out.
This does, however, set a good bar for the second year of trading as we constantly aim to build on results and beat our records.

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