Social Media Remarketing

Social media remarketing targets users that have visited your site whilst they are browsing their social media profiles.

Facebook Remarketing

Facebook remarketing works by advertising to previous visitors of the website on Facebook only. You can select from adverts in someone’s Facebook newsfeed, which is called a sponsored post, or in the sponsored column, called a sponsored advert.

When users log onto Facebook, they can be retargeted with a relevant ad based on the site they were browsing or the products they were searching for. It’s done via the Facebook Advertising Exchange (FBX), a real-time-bidding ad exchange that allows advertisers to serve tailored display ads, which can be displayed within the newsfeed or the right-hand rail.

Twitter Remarketing

Twitter remarketing uses tailored audiences to show relevant messages to those who have previously visited their website. This can be set up through a couple of different approaches however, Fifteen will advise which is the best for you.

Fifteen will manage the full integration of your social media remarketing campaign, working with your current web developers to ensure the correct coding is placed on the website to create a successful campaign.