Email Marketing

If you’re looking to build brand awareness, loyalty or trust, or wish to sell to new or existing customers, email marketing may well have something to offer you. Email marketing can be addressed to your current customer database or lists of potential customers purchased from third party database providers.

What it’s all about.

The opportunity to deliver your message, in your own unique way, directly to the inbox of your customer should not be missed. Email marketing can be such a powerful tool that we encourage all organisations to consider how a well-designed campaign can become part of their marketing strategy.

Email marketing is at its core, targeted campaigns sent straight to email inboxes. If you think of those newsletters, competitions, and recommendations you get in your emails, those are examples of email marketing. The main purpose is to target specific groups of users, new customers, current customers, potential clients, etc. It’s an excellent method of getting across your message as it is fast and cost effective since you cut out the cost of printing and mailing and save time creating and sending the campaign.

Why Fifteen?

Experience. We have a track record of designing and building some amazing email marketing campaigns that have achieved outstanding results. Fifteen produce hundreds of email campaigns and send out hundreds of thousands of emails every year. A combination of the eye-catching design and the ability to interpret the results of the campaign sets us apart. We learn from each email we send and continually refine and improve subsequent campaigns, increasing their chance of success.

Here at Fifteen, our email system allows you to find out a mixture of data from how many users opened the email to how many users have clicked through to your campaign to how many people have unsubscribed to which browser the email was opened as well as so much more. We will be with you every step of the way, guiding you through the best ways of targeting customers in order to give you the best possible chance of conversion. Also, we will tailor your campaign to your budget so the adverts will reach the right people at the right time in the right place!

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