Google AdWords

Google Display Network

What is GDN?

The Google Display Network (GDN) consists of text, images, interactive features and video. As with search, GDN is charged on a pay per click model, and is controlled through daily budgets.

GDN is a great way to further increase your reach and profitability of paid search activity. The GDN is a great way to compliment your PPC campaign and provide higher ROI through reaching relevant websites, with the option of geographic, keyword relevant targeting and conversion tracking.

When Should you use GDN?

GDN is usually used as a tactic in addition to a keyword campaign, to complement a Google Adwords targeted campaign. Not only is GDN a great way to stay engaged with your target audience but it also presents highly relevant ads enabling a stronger overall campaign.

Benefits of the Display Network

The GDN has many benefits. Not only do CPCs tend to be a lot lower than an Adwords keyword campaign but also opportunities to surface adverts to those who are engaged in your industry are excellent. This means your ad will be more targeted, benefitting ROI.

There are many specialised campaign types. Here are the features Fifteen recommend companies we work with explore:

  • Call only
  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Mobile Apps
  • Remarketing
  • Engagement

As a company you won’t necessarily adopt all the features on the display network, however, that’s where Fifteen come in to provide recommendation to ensure your business has the strongest campaign and giving it the best possible opportunity to hit your overall objectives.

Why Fifteen?

Fifteen can develop a display campaign for all businesses, which can focus on brand awareness or generating revenue depending on your KPIs. As with most digital marketing activity, the GDN is highly measurable giving you a clear view of ROI for your campaigns at all times.

To get more advice and information on setting up a display advertising campaign for your business, get in touch with our experts today.


Google Ad Grants for Charities

What is Google Ad Grants?

Are you a not for profit organization looking to drive your business forward, generate more leads, donations, and increase your brand awareness? You may be eligible for the Google Ad Grants for Charities scheme and benefit from up to $10k each month.

Google Ad Grants is a program run by Google For Non-Profits, which allows charitable organisations to apply for AdWords advertising credits for use on the Google search network.

Google Adwords can really help your organisation from building awareness, increasing donations, attracting fundraisers, creating online petitions and increasing sales in you have an e-commerce shop. It’s up to you how you chose to spend the grant to benefit your charity.

Why Fifteen?

Fifteen have experience in working with many charities, from Orphans in Need to Imran Khan Charity Appeal. We feel great pleasure in joining with a charity to help them meet their business objectives, and because of the good work of your company we offer the following benefits to charities:

  • Reduced management fees
  • Discounted training courses
  • Reduced set-up fees
  • Transparent reporting

Getting Started

Let Fifteen start the process for you by submitting the initial application form and let us do the hard work of managing your campaign for you.

Get in contact with Fifteen today and find out if your company is eligible to join the programme.