What is Remarketing?

Stay in your customer’s mind with remarketing and retargeting from Fifteen. It’s clever, and that’s why we like it.

Remarketing and retargeting involves displaying a targeted advert to a user who has already visited your site. If they navigate away from your site or shopping cart, remarketing enables you to get a second bite of the cherry, as it were.

Remarketing is a great tool to drive consumer awareness of your brand as well as converting those who have engaged with your website before, encouraging further interaction by using retargeting ads. By targeting existing users, you increase the likelihood of conversion due to the ads reaching an audience that has already shown an interest in your product or service. For most websites conversion rate is only 2% on the first visit, therefore retargeting helps you reach the 98% of visitors who did not initially convert. Wherever your customers go, your advert will follow.

The Benefits of Remarketing

Re-engaging lapsed users provides you with the opportunity to convert an active audience at a lower cost. Fifteen offer a fully managed remarketing solution as part of our digital suite.

The benefits of remarketing are:

  • Re-engages 98% who have not converted
  • Front of mind through brand blindness
  • Ready when the user is ready
  • Adds additional incentive

Fifteen offers fully managed remarketing solutions as part of our digital suite. We provide powerful targeting, reporting and insights that inform and optimise your other digital channels. Not only do we set-up and manage the campaign, but we also design the ads too.

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