Web Developer

What made you want to work at Fifteen?
All the amazing work Fifteen do. As well as the solid advice Ollie gave me after meeting him for the first time.

What would you say is the biggest challenge about being a Web Developer?
Being able to keep cool under pressure and making sure you’re keeping up to date with the latest technologies & standards.

What’s the most unusual fact about yourself that not a lot of people know?
I was born in a Car Park.

What would we be likely to bump into you doing at the weekend?
Cramming in as many films as I can at the Cinema.

What inspires you?
Seeing other people’s amazing work makes me want to achieve it.

My party trick is: I can fold my eyelid inside out.

If I was born a girl, my parents would have named me: Charley

My dream car registration plate would be: CMMK 117

My favourite cocktail is: If you can turn a Corona into a cocktail, then hit me up.

I laugh at: Stupid YouTube videos.

On my way to work I: Think about everything I want to achieve today.

If I won the lottery, I would: Open a pizza slice shop.

My guilty pleasure is: Natalie Imbruglia – Torn

My home from home is: The Ice Arena.

The best piece of advice I’ve ever had is: “Touch your middle finger to the tip of your thumb. That’s how a medium rare steak feels. Next, touch the tip of your ring finger to your thumb. This is what a medium-well will feel like.”

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