Fifteen Fitbit Challenge

The Fifteen Fitbit Challenge

Fifteen have embraced the Fitbit challenge! Check here for our weekly update, see the departments battle it out to be crowned ‘Walkers of the Week’ and watch as we climb ever-closer to our goal of walking round the earth!

Team Fitbit Challenge (Average steps)

27th Feb > 5th March

Marketing 50,761 steps


Designers 46,622 steps


Developers 35,073 steps


Production 23,101 steps


Accounts 18 steps


Individual Fitbit Challenge

27th Feb > 5th March

Mikey 83,420 steps

Jade 50,761 steps

Lucy 46,622 steps

Alex 42,365 steps

Tony 29,696 steps

Sophie 23,101 steps

Pavan 17,166 steps

Charlie 2,719 steps

Kate 18 steps

Walk Around the World

Fifteen Challenge

17,300,843 out of 52,899,000 steps

Latest Milestone
South Africa


Apollo Fifteen

Mission to the Moon

17,300,843 out of 477,714,000 steps