What is Laravel?

Laravel is an Open Source PHP framework.

Laravel is very well supported by the Open Source community. It is one of the #1 PHP frameworks to use. As it is not a CMS itself, it’s naturally suited to bespoke websites that would benefit from the power of from-the-ground-up thinking and code. This would be instead of trying to force a pre-built CMS to do something that it was not originally intended to do.

Other CMS systems are focussed on being one thing first, and everything else secondary. For example, WordPress primarily as a CMS and Magento as an eCommerce platform. Laravel Applications are suited entirely to your primary need. If you need a Real Estate Management System, then building that in WordPress would likely require making WordPress work in a way that could take a developer longer to build and maintain. Such a system built in Laravel would be from-the-ground-up, and as such would only have that one purpose.

In essence, Laravel allows the Developer to design the system to solve the problem which you have, without introducing a lot of extra unused, unnecessary features. It is also on the cutting edge of coding standards, built with best web practises in mind, and extremely future proof. As it is actively maintained, it’s able to stay ahead of the curve on security.

Laravel and WordPress

Laravel is able to work in tandem with WordPress, introducing its power for the code side of things. But it allows the user to manage their website using the WordPress back-end which is familiar to all.

Example sites built with Laravel:

As Laravel is a PHP framework and not a CMS, it means that websites that are built using it all do varying things. There’s rarely an identical site. Here are just a few examples of websites that have been built using Laravel.