What is Umbraco?

Umbraco the go-to enterprise level CMS and is one of the most intuitive, user-friendly and powerful content management systems. Openly available since 2004, Umbraco enables users to power their websites with ease, whilst allowing developers to create beautiful, bespoke online experiences.

It is free and open-source software that is capable of powering both simple sites as well as incredibly complex systems for corporations. Umbraco websites are fast and flexible. The system is based on Microsoft’s latest ASP MVC framework, which is used by our developers to create websites rapidly that are flexible to change as your business needs evolve.

Which companies use Umbraco?

The Umbraco content management system is currently used to power over 250,000 websites across the world. These businesses are predominantly in the UK, USA and Scandinavia. They include some of the largest brands in their sectors, such as Heinz, BUPA, Costa, Harrods, Warner Bros and Microsoft.

What are the advantages of using Umbraco?

Content management systems have historically being complicated and difficult to understand for everyday users. That isn’t the case with Umbraco.

One of Umbraco’s biggest selling points is that its editor has a very simple user-interface. It’s designed to make the most of modern web browsers available on computer, phone and tablet browsers. It takes full advantage of Google’s AngularJS which enables the CMS to be customised to fit your website design (rather than forcing the design of your website to match the CMS).

Another big benefit of using Umbraco is that it is free, meaning your budget is spent more efficiently in the long run. There’s also a large support community of 70,000 developers across the world, which also enables the sharing of ideas and constant innovation.

Other benefits include its multi-lingual capabilities, workflows, and a built-in scheduler. And it’s an easy way to rollback versions if users have made any errors.

Fifteen’s Umbraco developers

Our in-house Umbraco experts are constantly up to speed with the latest developments of this high-powered CMS. Get in touch with us to talk about your Umbraco project.