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10 new Shopify Updates for 2021

April 1, 2021

There is a growing range of online store building tools available, and determining which one is best for your company can be difficult. You’ve probably come here because you’ve heard a lot about Shopify, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms.

Shopify is a website that allows you to set up your online store. It offers you several ‘themes to choose from, all of which can be personalized to suit your own branding needs, and it lets you sell both physical and digital goods. Shopify’s primary purpose is to enable people without coding or design skills to create their online store (i.e., without a developer’s assistance). People who are familiar with HTML and CSS, on the other hand, would be happy to learn that the platform includes both.

Here are the 10 new Shopify updates for 2021:

1. For staff accounts, New permissions!

You can grant workers access to billing information and the right to add or exclude other employees. You can now delegate more and provide the employees with the knowledge and access they need.

Unless you grant these new permissions to staff who previously had full permissions, they will be marked as limited.

2. Shopify Email Now Has New Editing Capabilities.

In the new Shopify 2021 update, the Shopify Email editor comes with new features, including product grids, button styling, and a divider section to help you get more creative with your emails.

Product Grids are an easy way for retailers to connect several items to their email campaigns in columns and rows. You can change the button style and insert a divider anywhere in the email.

3. Now It’s Possible to Cancel A Return.

Returns management is an essential aspect of the consumer experience. However, just as with any other order action, a customer might make a mistake or change their mind about returning your product. That’s why Shopify now has the option to cancel a return. You can cancel a return request after it has been sent, allowing you the freedom to make adjustments or restart the return if anything goes wrong.

4. Monitor Pricing by Your Current Location!

If you use Shopify Payments, you can now use international pricing to monitor your prices by region:

– You can use percentage price changes on the Shopify plan or higher to raise or decrease prices across your entire store in specific countries or regions.

– You can use a CSV file to upload special prices per product, per country on the Advanced and Shopify Plus plans.

To monitor how the final prices appear in your online store, you can continue to use automatic or manual FX rates for various currencies and modify your business’s rounding rules.

5. At POS Pro Locations, No Password Would Be Required!

Store owners and admin staff can initialize POS can now create and send QR codes that store employees can easily and securely log in to POS devices at POS Pro locations. It is not essential to share passwords.

Approved admin staff can create QR codes that correspond to Pro locations via the Shopify admin’s Point of Sale channel. Store employees can obtain codes via email, which they can use to set up or log in to POS devices at a specific location. If you’re setting up several devices, you’ll need to create a new code for each one, and each code is only suitable for 8 hours.

6. Figma UI package, Polaris v6.0.0 (New API)

With the release of Polaris v6.0.0, the latest design language has become the norm. A smaller package size, accessibility updates, and a revised style guide are among the improvements in v6.0.0.

Also, a new Figma UI kit based on the revised Polaris guidelines is now available. In a cross-platform browser-based design tool, this kit provides more flexibility and speed. The UI kit was previously only available in Sketch.

The following modifications have been made:

  • Visual styles have been updated. Things feel more approachable and effective when they are designed in a clean, simple style.
  • Variants were applied to most modules to increase usability and add flexibility.
  • Components for large and small screens are classified as separate versions of the same product.
  • Easy modules now have auto layout.
  • Components have been rebuilt and are of higher quality.
  • A new colour scheme has been introduced.

You can work directly in Polaris v6.0.0 with these tools, streamlining your design process and speeding up your creative process with the updated style guide and UI package.

7. Automatic Discounts

Now available on Shopify POS with a POS Pro subscription, automatic discounts provide consumers with a reliable shopping experience and pace and accuracy to your in-store checkout.

By selecting Also offer on the Sale point for stores using POS Pro, you can provide retail customers automatic percentage, fixed number, or buy X get Y discounts. When you want to share the automatic deal, you can use it at any Pro retail spot.

8. Placing an order from the customer page.

Directly from the customer tab, you can now pre-fill a draught order with the customer’s address and contact details. This simplifies the process of placing orders for repeat customers.

9. Subscriptions have a new Shopify Flow trigger!

When subscription contracts are established, the new update added a new trigger to Shopify Flow. When a consumer purchases a subscription-based product, the new catalyst is triggered.

10. Make your shipping options available to your customers during the checkout process

Customers will be more secure in making purchases if they know when their shipments will arrive, so communicating delivery speeds at checkout will increase cart conversion and provide consistency and accountability. When you add shipping speeds to your shipping rates in Shipping and Delivery Settings, your customers can see several days at checkout that reflects their purchase’s approximate transit period. You won’t have to do any manual calculations because everything will be estimated automatically!




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