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We’ve helped countless clients create bespoke exhibition stand design that is engaging and eye-catching. We know what works, so if you’re looking to be seen at your next exhibition or trade show, we can help.

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Why Fifteen for your Exhibition Stand Design

If you think attending events is history, think again. With new exhibitions being launched each year, having a stand or organising a corporate event can be a cost effective and well-targeted marketing spend. There is an enduring enthusiasm for these types of events and we can help you make the most of the opportunity they present. A ‘standout’ stand can get you noticed and can be used time and time again.

Having a stand at an exhibition can give you a unique opportunity to talk to potential customers directly. You can take orders and get useful feedback on your offering (plus you can check out the competition too). Attendees are likely to be interested in your type of product or service – they’ve probably paid to get in so they’ll want it to be a worthwhile use of their time. What you need is a showstopper stand that catches the eye of new customers and promotional material to draw them in further.

Our team of exhibition stand designers will work with you to deliver exceptional design solutions for your exhibition design and will make your product or service really stand out. Whether you’re looking for complete bespoke exhibition stands, or you’re restricted to a shell scheme, we can tailor our design process to suit your needs.

Years of experience helping clients, making and capitalising on opportunities provided by trade shows and events, in the UK and overseas, have given us real insight into what really works. Size, physical design, tailored branding and graphics on the stand will get you noticed. Engaging and relevant promotional materials will drive up customer dwell time, so leads and sales will follow. Our exhibition stand designers can create a high quality exhibition stand design that will help you to stand out from the crowd in a packed exhibition hall.

Our design team also specialise in digital support through large screen displays, and we can even create innovative assets such as using virtual reality (VR) or 360-degree film, to really create a lasting material. We also have innovative digital methods of collecting new customer or sales leads, which save you time and get data plugged right into your CRM without any fuss whatsoever.

With a full team of in-house specialists and strong partnerships with local and specialist printers, whatever you need for your next exhibition, display stands, pop up stands, or full modular exhibition stands – even at the last minute – you can trust us to deliver.

We can advise on the best way to get engagement with exhibition visitors, from collecting business cards, to giveaways that have impact, our team can work within your budget to ensure you get the most from your exhibition investment.

We have also delivered online experiences to support teams at trade shows, exhibitions and events and data collection points on iPads and interactive screens.

If you’re looking to get noticed with your next exhibition stand design, we can help, so don’t hesitate to contact us today. As an exhibition design company with decades of experience delivering exhibition and conference stand design, we know what works and how to elevate your brand in an exhibition setting.


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