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Our web design Nottingham creates stunning websites, built for growing your company, increasing visibility and delivering conversion.

From brand rich and interactive web designs, to functional and user friendly e-commerce designs, our web design agency Nottingham can help you with your next project.


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Let our website designers Nottingham achieve you better results with your website look, feel and conversion rates.

Our web designers Nottingham offer full web design services and they can create stunning sites that are built for growing your company, increasing visibility and encouraging engagement. Get it right with tailored web design services that can help you smash your goals and boost ROIs.

An effective and well-designed website has the potential to transform your business. Fifteen’s web designers Nottingham have a proven track record of delivering creativity that works and excels in web design.

We spend the time to look at all of your data, can perform focus groups with your customer types and create a user experience (UX) throughout the website that maximises conversions. From data flow diagrams, wireframing and CRO techniques, we will ensure that you get the most from your new website design and the UX is exactly what your audiences are looking for.


Web design technology develops quickly and with it comes new opportunities to present your brand, services and products, and to captivate new and retain existing customers. Fifteen keep up to date with all website design services keeping our customers at the cutting edge in their respective sectors. From animation to clever data capture methods, let our web designers show you what can be achieved now.

A strong and a well-considered online presence should be a top priority for any organisation aspiring to improve in their market share and future-proof their business.

Whether you’re looking to create a revenue-driving e-commerce hub, a destination to drive genuinely engaged business leads, to showcase your portfolio of services or even building an online community. It’s all about creating something that’s right for you and your audience.

Your Nottingham website design is the thing that turns customers on to your brand. It’s important that when someone arrives on your site, they’re not only impressed but that they can quickly get to where they want to go and ultimately generate you a good ROI. Our website design services create accurate reflections of your unique selling points, allowing a robust user journey to flourish across all pages with a clear hierarchy.


Understanding your demographic is important. Creating a user persona development plan (or multiple) within a web build allows us to plan user journeys for each person.

Generally these personas will fit into stereotypical states, the personas will be general and generic of a type of customer/client that uses the site, this could range from those less tech savvy to those who understand the ins and outs of how to use a website.

The persona development plan will be representative of a major group of your website users and it will express and focus on the major needs and expectations of this user group and will aid in covering features and functionality and describe real people with backgrounds, goals and values. We will take the time to understand these different users, and what they like/dislike about your website, and what improvements to make based on our findings.

The reason why we take this path is because it allows us to evaluate new site feature ideas, informs us of information architecture to develop through wireframes, behaviours and labels, informs the designers of how to create the overall website look and feel and the rest of the team of what should be integrated into the site when it is built to aid in the best experience for each user – and that is why a persona development plan is so important.


We have a rare mindset when it comes to web design Nottingham. We don’t design websites for the sake of it; we build on logical intent from a user point of view and bespoke for your customer base.

With technology ever-evolving, we only work to the latest best practices, robust security features and ongoing updates to ensure your working with a solid platform. So, when it comes to your website launch, you’ll have stable ground to lift off from so contact us today and speak to one of our web designers to take your business forward.


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