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Our app developers Nottingham understand user wants and needs and can advise you how how best to go about your next app project for your company. From e-commerce apps, time saving apps, training apps or  apps of other purposes – our app designers and app developers Nottingham can help you get the most from your next custom app development project.

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App Developers Nottingham that help your business

If you are looking for app developers Nottingham that will help grow your business and gain attention, then look no further.

Our app designers and app developers create apps that look great, follow a UX design flow and use all of the latest technology to ensure your users get the best experience possible.

Fifteen’s app developers Nottingham can help you first conduct your research ahead of any app design or development time is spent.

We can help you identify the target audience of your app. Understanding who they are and how they behave will ensure that our app designers and developers can understand how your app will meet their needs.

We can also advise you on how best to build your app and help you decide if you want to build a native, hybrid, or web-based mobile application. These choices may sound complicated but we can explain the options to you in simple terms to ensure the build type meets the needs of our audience and matches the budgets you have.

Our app designers in Nottingham will help you understand how the design components are going to look and function so our app developer can code the app accordingly. Good app design means that the end product is intuitive and users don’t have to look around trying to work out how to perform a task.

We will map out the functionality of the app with you and produce user-flow diagrams to make sure that the logic of the app is sound and that all of the features are easily accessible to users.

Spending the time to properly plan the app functionality and design before starting will save a lot of time and money at the end and ultimately allow us to create an app that meets the needs of your users.

Our custom app development process also has security at its core. Depending on what your app is used for, you may even be collecting personal or payment information and the risks to your brand and business by not getting this right are real.

Before launching any app we go through a vigorous testing process. With many different devices and operating systems, the potential for issues is high if the right procedures are not followed. Our app developer will perform both automated and real user testing to ensure that it functions right first time.

Please talk to us to arrange a free app design and development consultation meeting to help you with your app design and development requirements and let us make your next custom app development project a complete success.

Why Choose Us?


Our app developers can design and develop whatever app you want. In fact, no matter what business you have, we’ll have something loading up in people’s phones that can deliver exactly what you need to connect with consumers. Maybe you’re an e-commerce business that wants to deliver a more tailored, precise retailing experience that pulls in your rewards scheme more effectively.


There are multiple device ecosystems out there for apps and our app developers get the most from them all. That’s why our apps are designed and developed to be used with all the major manufacturers and their software platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. You may want to have your brand’s app presence on one or more of these platforms, depending on who your audience is and what they’re using.


Because there are a number of different devices, there are also many different places in which to make your app available. And naturally, you’ll want to reach as many people as possible. Our app developers ensure your newly designed app is available on all the major marketplaces, including the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store and Apperian’s enterprise app store. Not only will we ensure it’s available there, but our app developers work with you to get some banging app product descriptions and make sure all the fiddly technical bits are accurate.


Different apps have different requirements for both design and customer experience and our app designers and developers truly understand best practice. Apps themselves are an entirely different environment to a mobile website, one that integrates with many of your phone’s features – such as a camera. So to nail a fantastic app, its essential to get our UX teams to use not only user-centric qualitative analysis, and native device driven app design, but to use the differences to create a genuinely thought-provoking user journey that’s bang on trend for the modern age.


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