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5 ideas to make your contact us page more engaging

April 18, 2023

Your contact us page is one of the primary methods of engagement with your customers. It’s the place where your audience goes to find ways of contacting you, whether that’s by phone, email or via your social channels. In most cases, contact us pages get a lot of thought and consideration from a development standpoint, but not so much from a user perspective.

User experience should be a high priority when it comes to your contact us page, and when implemented effectively, it can make a very simple page feel effortless. Keep reading to learn our top five contact us page design ideas that will make this key web page much more appealing for your customers.

1. Add multiple ways to connect

Your contact us page should have more than just the traditional contact form, it should show your users multiple ways they can contact you. The most popular methods of contact include:

  • Phone number – don’t forget that there will be people who would prefer to speak to a human over sending a message or email.
  • Mailing address – if you have a bricks and mortar store, consider including your address and a map for anyone who wants to send something to you by post, or visit your premises. 
  • Social media accounts – be sure to include a link to all of the social media platforms you have a presence on.
  • Live chat – many businesses utilise interactive live chat because customers can get quick answers in real-time.

By including multiple ways to contact you, your customers can choose a method that suits them, giving them a more positive and seamless user experience.

2. Provide your users with engaging content

Instead of just including links to your social media accounts, you may want to consider adding in live feeds from those social networks, right there on your contact page. This allows your users to get a snapshot of your social activity and shows you’re active online and interacting with your customers. 

Adding a live social feed also helps to keep your website looking fresh and expands your online network because it encourages users to follow you on those social networks. It’s also a great way to enhance your brand awareness as well as helping to increase your conversions.

3. Answer your frequently asked questions

If your business often gets a common question asked all the time, or you have multiple departments that speak with clients on a daily basis, consider including options for people to find the exact information they need so their frequently asked question is answered instantly, or users can get in touch with the appropriate person and department.

This helps contribute to a seamless user experience, and doesn’t frustrate your customers when they can’t find what they’re looking for, or they’re constantly being transferred to multiple departments. Not only that, but it also helps free up more time for you and your team answering those frequently asked questions.

4. Add images to your contact us page

If you add images to your contact us page, you’re making a simple page become personable. There are multiple images you could add, for example you could add icons to replace text, you could add your brand elements on your contact form to enhance your branding or you could even add images of your staff so your users can put a face to a name and make them feel at ease if they ever meet you in person.

5. Don’t be afraid to showcase your work

Your contact page should inspire trust and confidence in the person who is about to contact you. So, don’t be afraid to show off your talent and brag a little! For example, if you’re offering photography services, show off some of your previous work. If you’re an agency, include some of the clients you’ve worked with.

You want to instil confidence in your abilities to your audience and by showcasing your work on your contact us page, you’re telling your customers the level of quality they can expect from your business.

Let us help you with your contact page

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration with our contact page ideas, but if you think you’d need help, then be sure to get in touch with us. Our web development and design experts can ensure this vital web page is functional and gives your customers the information they’re looking for whilst offering them a positive user experience.




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