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5 Ideas To Make Your Contact Us Page More Engaging

December 16, 2015 - Fifteen

Today we’re going to look at something which a lot of thought and consideration goes into from a developmental standpoint, but doesn’t always seem too glamorous from a users’ perspective.

That would be the old favourite, the Contact Us page. This little page on your website is the primary method of engagement with your customers. When it works, it’s flawless. Great user experience makes these pages feel effortless. However, when they’re implemented poorly it can be very frustrating, even off-putting, for users.

So, we thought that we would put together a list of five things you can do to make your “Contact Us” page more appealing to users.


Your contact us page should have more than just the traditional form. It should show your users how to find you, whether that be your address / offices or your social networks. I often imagine a Google Map on a Contact Us page, and links to the social networks, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Which leads me to…


Instead of just having links to your social networks, you can often add in live feeds from those social networks, right there on your contact page. Your users can see your latest Tweets, and Facebook activity, without ever leaving your website. This also lets you…


That’s right. The Contact Us page is there for one reason – to be contacted. However you can also start conversations from the Contact Us page, especially if, as mentioned above, you have social networks embedded right there in the page.


Add a photo of yourself or your team on your Contact Us page, that way – if you end up meeting face to face, they will feel like they already know you. It’s also a great way to promote your own personal brand.


Your Contact page should always inspire trust and confidence in the person who is about to contact you. If you’re offering photography services for example, then the photography on that page should be top notch. Don’t be afraid to showcase your work.

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