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5 Tips For Building A Trustworthy Website

March 7, 2016

The internet is vast, and finding the right company can sometimes be a laborious task, especially when looking for a company you can rely on for your business. From credit card fraud to identity theft, the internet can be a bit of a battlefield in terms of trust.

So we’ve put together some top tips from our web design team about implementing some simple techniques that can make the difference between a visitor lost or a visitor won.

Client Logos

Your work speaks for itself, and who you work with speaks even louder. A great track record can seriously boost your reputation, especially if you can show that you’ve worked with some reputable clients.


You are more likely to gain business if you can show off your portfolio of clients you have helped become successful. A lot of businesses aim to garner the same success as their peers, and if you can prove you have succeeded for a similar business, there’s no reason you can’t succeed for them too!

Team Pages

You might not believe it, but some of the most successful pages on corporate websites are the team pages, especially if they’ve got your mug shots on display.


People tend to like to do business with someone they can put a face to. Adding a personal touch to your website, like team shots, can really go a long way in helping build trust and ultimately winning over a client. Often, showing your face can help potential customers believe what you have to say, as well as familiarising them with the person they may be talking to.

Our team pages are some of the most visited on our website. We’ve added some individual profiles so that our clients can get to know us a little better. It’s also an opportunity to add some content to the website, which is an added bonus for SEO.

Accreditations, Partnerships and Awards

If you’ve got an accreditation you want to shout about, display it on your website! We would recommend these sit in the footer. That way it will follow the user around your site and reinforce the credit it gives your company. In our case, we use our RAR accreditation and search engine partnerships (Google Partner and Bing Ads Accreditation) as a constant throughout the website.


If you are an e-commerce company, we would suggest using the footer to show what payment methods you accept. If the user recognises your payment method or has used it before, it gives them that confidence in handing over payment details through your website.

Lastly, think about showing off any recent awards you may have won. We make a big point of shouting about our award-winning work, as it highlights that we’re a trusted company with a notable reputation for our work. Not only do we have a page dedicated to our awards, but we also talk about them on our homepage and throughout our blog. What can we say? We’re proud of our work!

Testimonials & Reviews

If your clients are willing to give up their time to write or even video a shining review for your business, it really attests to the quality of your work.

Written testimonials may appear on your site in the form of quotes or even video testimonials. We use video testimonials which are also posted over on our YouTube channel for extra exposure.


Another easy way to gather positive recommendations is through dedicated review websites such as or These websites will often have widgets that you can integrate into your website. Our footer contains a widget from that gives us a ‘star’ rating.

Quality informative information

When you provide a user with information that they find genuinely useful, such as a how-to guide or tutorial it will build trust with visitors to your website.


Free information is a powerful tool. If a user comes to your site and learns from the experience, they are better for it and will trust you to provide them with more quality knowledge. Repeat traffic from visitors is always another opportunity for conversion and quality content can increase that.

This approach focuses on a long-term relationship with the customer, building a trust and brand loyalty.

Using these tools boosts your reputation and will ultimately show a user that you are a trustworthy business. You have a limited time to make an impression on a visitor to your site, make it count with these simple tips and you’re onto a winner.




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