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A Day In The Life Of A Designer – Dave Sloan

May 24, 2017

Before Work

It all starts around six in the morning, I’m normally the first to wake up but not often the first to get up! I always try to grab a few precious minutes before the mayhem starts. I read the news on my iPad for a short while, same old stuff Trump being Trump, Theresa spouting off about Brexit and Kim Jong planning his world domination with his arsenal of ballistic missiles, same old, same old, nothing out of the ordinary.

Then I’ll perhaps read a couple of pages of the current book I’m reading. At the moment I’m reading a Stephen King classic called IT. I read this book for the first time years ago when I was a young teen and really enjoyed it so I thought I’d buy a new copy for my eldest son who is also a young teen. He took one look at how many pages there were and decided he would probably get round to reading it some other time. Likely story I think. It’s a great story about a group of geeky kids that band together to fight off an evil being who takes on many forms including a clown called Penny Wise. If you haven’t read it give it a go you’ll love IT.

Then it’s the usual waiting to get in the bathroom to get ready, my two boys seem to think they can take as much time as they like in the morning, a little frustrating but after years of the same routine you kind of get used to it!
This is followed by a quick breakfast, a round of ‘goodbyes’ and ‘I love yous’ and before I know it I’m in the car driving to work, a thirty minute trip where I can kick back and listen to some of my favourite tunes or tune into BBC Radio 4 and listen to current affairs with Jon Humphrys I love they way he debates with his guests.

At Work

I arrive at work, turn on my Mac, check my emails and the day begins! Hold on to your seat peoples it’s going to be a fast ride! I’ve been working at Fifteen for two months now and I can honestly say it’s ace, every day is different and if you think you’ve got your day planned, think again as it can change on an hourly basis.

I’ve worked on loads of great projects so far including illustrating a group of dogs for a website all with individual characteristics similar to ‘the secret life of pets’, I’ve also designed a great website for a music studio as well as designing a website for a company that designs and installs electrical systems.

But it’s not all design work, I’ve worked on brand workshop projects too with Matt, our Creative Director and brand guru. Brand workshops are new to me but very interesting we get to go into companies and take them through a series of exercises to understand what their brand is all about, who they are as a company and more importantly why they do what they do. We also define who they are as a brand archetype which is really important as it helps to define their brand story, language and messaging.

The vibe at Fifteen is really cool and there is always a buzz around the office, the team are very friendly and they’ve made me feel really welcome, It’s like I’ve been here for years.




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