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A Day In The Life Of An SEO Executive – Jade Hallam

January 25, 2017


My day usually starts around 7.30am with the sound of my alarm followed by the weight of two lively puppies on my head (one is 32KG but still thinks he’s the size of my foot). After I have fought with them to let me out of bed I set about getting ready for the day ahead. Once I’m ready it’s the most dreaded part of my day… Attempting to wake up my boyfriend ready for work. Once I’ve awoken the beast it’s time to get to work which consists of a lovely, peaceful 10-minute drive… Normally accompanied by some unnecessarily loud dance music.

I usually arrive at the office around 8.40 and enjoy a cup of tea and a gossip with all the other early birds. I then choose a Spotify playlist for the day whilst checking my emails and reading the latest marketing news from Moz. Once my bellies full of tea and my brain full of marketing ideas, it’s time to get on to some SEO!

Every day is different as an SEO Executive as you never know what client you’ll be working on and you have to be able to think on your feet! I take pride in knowing my clients businesses inside out and have to become an expert on everything from asbestos to educational games! I usually start with an audit before getting my assistant to do some keyword research and look for outreach opportunities. Once I’ve done all the research possible it’s time to dive in and do all the optimisations before monitoring their success through different tools.


Lunchtime is pretty much what my whole morning builds up to. After convincing myself all morning that I will have a healthy lunch I usually end up at KFC or grabbing a quick ready meal from M&S. After some “fresh air” and a little head-clearing walk, it’s back to the office to eat my dinner and scroll through pointless posts on Facebook.


I usually start my afternoons by re-grouping with Abbie to find out what she’s discovered during the morning then I’ll make a plan of attack for the afternoon. A lot of the time the morning will be spent identifying on-page optimisations, then I’ll spend the afternoon implementing them all, being careful to monitor everything that I’m changing so we can track it’s success later. Once all on-page optimisations are done I use the keyword research that Abbie did during the morning and put a document together for my client suggesting why these would work better. After that, I may look at some outreach opportunities, or if I want a chilled afternoon I crack on with a blog.


After work, I skip out the office and try to find where my boyfriend’s parked ready to chauffeur me home. Once home we take our two gorgeous puppies to the park to try and wear them out (I have not yet been successful in wearing them out… ever) and run around the field with them before the decide they want to cuddle you and cover you in mud. Nice.

When I get home (after changing out my muddy clothes) I stick dinner on, feed the puppies and go and put my dressing gown on! Once we’ve eaten dinner it’s time to drag my boyfriend off his PS4 so I can watch my soaps. Once TV times finished I have a stupidly long shower then get into my fluffy pyjamas and dressing gown. I try to be in bed by 11PM, which I usually am but then I end up staying up all night watching documentaries about Aliens or just endless amounts of South Park. Eventually, I’ll drift off to the land of nod-ready to do it all again tomorrow…

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