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April 26, 2017

After working closely with Seaton Partners for the last few months, Fifteen are proud to announce the launch of their brand new website!

About Seaton Partners

Seaton Partners is a Microsoft Gold Competency partner for Dynamics 365, after starting in 2007 the company is on a rapid expansion programme and have a specialist team dedicated to dealing with Microsoft Dynamics.

Their services include offering project resources, project recovery, dealing with new projects and offering managed services for those projects that have already been completed. Their services provide a full circle offering for all types of clients.

The Task

Working within the technical world, Seaton Partners understand that having a modern, fully functional and dynamic website was key to their future successes and the growth of their business.

Fifteen’s task was to create a website that will allow Seaton Partners to grow over the coming years, add more team members, case studies, blogs and services, all whilst standing out from the crowd.

The Website

The Design

We were given free creative rein with this project, and we came up with the solution that you see today. The website uses modern web design trends including a full-screen navigation, interactive team area, subtle image hints and hints of their logo throughout the website in key areas.

The homepage has a large video which takes pride at the top of the page, the video highlights the team at Seaton Partners and showcases what they are about, really focussing on those who are so passionate about the company and about what they do.

The site is tasteful and utilises the brands colours where possible, it’s streamlined and not overcrowded, and we look forward to seeing what SeatonParters do with the websites look and feel moving forwards!

Content Management & Key Features

wordpress logo

The website is built using WordPress, which allows the admin to login to manage the website’s content and images, meaning that it is really easy to keep the website up to date.

The website uses a range of CSS animations to deliver content and offer a dynamic and interactive website for a user to play around with, the about us page allows the user to click and find out more about those who for Seaton Partners.

The website’s navigation is unique and takes over the user’s screen when they are navigating to another area of the website, highlighting and giving an overview of the different areas so the user can make an informed choice.

The Case Studies on the website offer the ability to add a range of stats that cover the key facts of the project, a testimonial, those who worked on the project and what their role was within the project, allowing Seaton Partners to really showcase their expertise within the industry, and talk about the work that they can do no matter how bespoke it is to the clients requirements and needs.

What They Said

“The process, delivery and content have all been of the highest standard.  But what has been more important is that we have found a partner that has taken the time to truly understand what we are about, our culture and our philosophy; and that really comes through in the final product.” – Adam Seaton, Managing Director

Who Worked On The Project?





Why not take a look at the website, and let us know what you think?

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