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A New Brand and Website For Four Mime

July 3, 2017

With a passion for business management, innovative frameworks and achieving results we worked with Four Mime to develop a brand and website that captured their expertise.

About Four Mime

Four Mime are business management and consultancy specialists, lead by their mentors, Ian and Andy. They work closely with SME businesses, owners and management teams to streamline business processes, develop strategies and implement systems or frameworks that are bespoke to your organisation and help drive your business forward to reach your goals.

There are no magic formulas that work unanimously across businesses, and Ian and Andy’s approach is very hands-on, down to earth and delivered by getting to grips with the individual challenges and routines of each business. This approach allows them to really get under the skin of each project and allows them to develop solutions that combat challenges head on and build results for their clients.

What we have been doing for them

We worked closely with Four Mime to understand their meticulous process to the way they tackle each project, and how their personal approach builds a sense of togetherness and a partnership with their clients. The new brand and website will allow Four Mime to share their success stories, anecdotes and allow the website grow with the business.

It was important that the design of the website was dynamic, engaging and displayed key content in a manner that was easy to digest and could be backed up by genuine experience and facts. As the website is going to be the primary interaction with their audience it was vital the design looked innovative and forward thinking to allow them to stand out within their industry and move away from a sector that can be saturated with cliché messaging.

Their personal approach is reflected throughout the website with Ian and Andy being focal points throughout the design and content, and their experiences, skill set and thoughts being discussed. This helps break down barriers and portrays the elements of their personality and individuality, which forms a vital part of the way they work and how they get results.

This website was built on a user-friendly content management system (CMS) that allows Four Mime to edit the website easily and upload additional content when needed.

Who’s worked on the project

Joshua Smith - Digital Producer

Take a look at their website

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