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An Unhealthy Addiction to Customer Service

January 31, 2018

I am about to let you into a therapy session and let you know my most profound, darkest vice. It’s something I’ve been struggling with near all my time at Fifteen. It developed while working here and has only grown. Hi, my name is Chanelle, and I am a customer service addict.

I have two favourite things in this world;

1.) Food.
2.) Excellent customer service.

I know it sounds like a mundane thing to be stricken with. Yet, there’s nothing better than having low expectations, and somebody not only delivering the service in question but exceeding what you ever thought possible of another human being.

Good service is remembered.

It is something I used to be ashamed of. The moment somebody dashed my customer service dreams I would spend the rest of the week reeling over it. ‘How could someone take a job in customer service and not provide it?!’. Even more importantly, ‘How could they not live for happy customers!?’. I know it may sound superficial, but I love pleasing clients.

For me, examples of excellent customer service should be a trending topic. Up there with the likes of Taylor Swift’s new song about being breaking up. Fad juice diets and of course, why on earth Easter eggs keep getting smaller.

It is all about those sweet reviews.

So yes, I used to be ashamed, but now, now I am a proud reviewer and judger of all things service. I know, I know, ad nauseam and don’t roll your eyes at me! There are a fair few examples that stand out in my mind:
The guy in the petrol station remembering which scratch card you always have.
The waitress who goes above and beyond to remove every single peanut from the hot chocolate brownie pudding.
I can recall at least three times in the past week where my expectations have been smashed out the ballpark. When they are, I cannot help but shout about it.

The little surveys you get after a ‘live chat’ experience, the receipt with the cashier’s name on or even downright telling somebodies manager that they are lucky to have somebody working for them who provides excellent service. I do it all this.

Let’s face it; I am also a review addict and I know a lot of other people are. Reviews are their own currency, they cost nothing but are priceless. Moreover, when I do have a good experience believe me that my whole inner circle knows about it.

Going that extra mile

It is why Fifteen prides ourselves on our customer service. The extra mile can often lead the way to extra mileage within a relationship with your customers. Helping someone with some simple web advice on the phone even when you know their budgets would not be high enough to work with you. It often ends with that customer referring you, spreading the word about your company. We’ve had instances where clients finding the extra budget because why would they want to work with other agencies who told them ‘we are too expensive for you’.

Customer service is something we are built on, something we live for and something we are damn good at. Hence, I am afraid my addiction to customer service will go on proudly, and I do not care who knows about it.




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