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Bing Ads Are Mobile! Find Out How You Can Work On the Go.

September 5, 2016

The best ideas always seem to hit us at the worst times. In the middle of the night, in the bathroom, fifty stride out into a run…

Well now you can capitalise on those bursts of productivity with the Bing Ads mobile app. Why should your campaigns be restricted to the office? Mobile technology lets you edit your account flexibility and with immediacy.

Previously Bing Ads users could only make changes to their account through Bing Ads or Bing Ads editor platforms. With the majority of work users confined to log-ins on their office computers, campaigns are often left to run without supervision overnight.

With Bing Ads mobile app you can see your accounts performance and make updates to your bids budgets and statuses in real time. Respond immediately to any change in status and make tweaks to your account whenever you desire.

Away from the desk, the app allows you to update ad copy – perfect if you want to offer a new discount code or change a service description to capitalize on a current trend. Simply load up the ad summary screen, tap the pencil icon and begin your edits. The mobile app will present you with a real-time preview, reflecting how your ad will appear so you can spot any mistakes before updating.

Bing Ads can be daunting software to use for beginners, but the simplicity of the mobile app provides a friendly platform for users.

The mobile app is key for keeping informed on the status of your adverts. Previously many campaign managers would wait until the morning to see if their advert had been disapproved – losing out on valuable time, impressions and clicks. With the mobile app you can review pending and disapproved ads, with a real-time count displayed for convenience.

With push notifications you can get notified of any changes on the go, including reasons your ads were disapproved. You can even request exceptions through the app, allowing your advert to get up and running as fast as possible.

Available for iOS and android devices, the app reflects Bing’s commitment to meeting users needs and making Bing Ads as accessible as possible. With an ever-increasing flexibility and a growing market-share of search engine users, why isn’t your business using Bing yet?

To set up your Bing Ads campaign today, contact one of our team here.

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