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Blog Writing Tips for Beginners

May 6, 2021

Starting a blog entails several moves. There are so many steps that it can be daunting for newcomers. And if you skip a crucial move, your blog’s potential success can be jeopardized. But don’t be worried!

With our beginner blogging tips, we’ve got you covered. Many people believe that writing a blog is easy, but this is not the case. Even if someone is a great writer, that does not guarantee that they will write good blogs. Blogging entails a lot more than just good writing skills, from fonts and layout to SEO, design, and brand voice, to name a few.

When writing a blog, make sure it’s easy to read and visually appealing and that it answers any questions your readers might have. Don’t forget to think about (and understand) how you’ll get more visitors to your website or blog. Here’s a quick rundown of the top blog writing tips for 2020 that will help you succeed:

Select a Fascinating Subject

The first step in writing a blog is to choose a good subject. Finding the right topic is mainly dependent on your study. You must determine what your followers want to learn and read about. Use reader feedback, a widespread industry issue, or competitor analysis to come up with a subject. All of this will assist in increasing traffic to the article long after it has been updated.

Perform in-depth research and analysis

It’s time to do some research once you’ve decided on a blog subject and concept. Examine Google’s front page as well as the websites of your key rivals to see if you can build on what’s already open. It’s not about reinventing the wheel; instead, it’s about producing higher-quality content than theirs. If you cannot do so, blog writing will not be for you, and you should employ a specialist.

Since blog writers cannot be experts in every area where they create content, research is essential to providing real value to readers. This is especially true for specialized, technical material produced by engineering or manufacturing firms.

Have an Engrossing introduction

A dull introduction will turn readers off and cause them to move on to the next most important post. Try to pique the readers’ interest with a solid first sentence or paragraph, as this will do nearly half of the work for you. Many bloggers tend to write the post’s body first, then concentrate on the introduction, so they will have more detail to work with than if they guess before they begin.

Posing a topic that addresses a current problem or answers a specific question is one way to write a captivating introduction. Use the title, Meta summary, or intro to persuade them to read the blog if they need assistance with a problem or have a question.

Make the Post Scanning-Friendly

You must also make the post easier to read, as with SEO-friendly material. Remember that most people just skim an article and don’t read it thoroughly. Take these steps to make your article scannable:

  • To help your readers see the critical points of your message, use subheadings. This will also assist you in remaining more organized when writing your blog.
  • Write shorter sentences because they are easier to read and comprehend.
  • To grab more focus, keep paragraphs short (2-4 sentences) and add a few 1-sentence paragraphs.
  • Bullet points are essential for listing essential things rather than cramming them into a sentence.
  • You may also use bold or italics to emphasize important points in a text. Underlining text should be avoided because it may be mistaken for a connection.

Use images to add visual interest

The phrase “a photo is worth a thousand words” is well-known, and it applies to blog writing. Using visuals in a blog post helps break up the text and make it more enjoyable to read. It can also inspire readers to connect by posting an interesting infographic, quote, or saying online, whether it’s an interesting infographic, quote, or telling.

This emphasizes the importance of using a featured picture, as it will help you get more views, shares, and interaction. Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels are only a few of the free stock image sites available.

Publish at the Appropriate Time and Via the Appropriate Channel

After you’ve done everything, you can produce a convincing, SEO-friendly blog post, and you’ll need to decide when and where to publish it. Do yourself a favor and read the post out loud before you do something else and click publish. This will help detect any possible mistakes, such as pronunciation, formatting, and meaning. Grammarly, a free writing assistant, is a valuable tool for resolving any problems.

The Influence of Social Media on Blog Writing

To gain online visibility and establish blog authority, social media has undeniably become more critical. Make your posts “likable” and “shareable” by including many graphics, good connections, and valuable information that readers can easily share.

If you use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, a successful blog post can help people find you on social media. Blogging is an effective way to introduce the brand to new consumers and combining it with a solid social media campaign will take it to the next level.

The Internet is vast, and if you think registering a domain and writing a few posts will suffice, you’re mistaken. You must cooperate and work with other bloggers if you want to build a solid online reputation. It may not be valid for all, but most people would not regard you as an expert unless other experts endorse you.


Effective blog writing takes time, and it necessitates patience, accuracy, and thorough study. The way you write a blog will represent how you do business and how your brand is perceived. Keeping the lead generation efforts quick, engaging, and shareable will make a huge difference.

The advantages of blogging extend far beyond getting a forum on your website. If you can get enough traffic to it, you’ll see more leads transform into opportunities and then into customers. People will begin to trust you more and refer others, in addition to increasing your online sales.




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