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Call Tracking: Nine Reasons Your Business Can’t Ignore the Value of a Call

August 3, 2016

In a world where sales figures are taken as an immediate measure of targets, many businesses are overlooking critical, softer, metrics: like the value of a lead.

But why does your business need software to monitor its calls? Find out how call tracking can benefit you and exactly just how much business opportunity can come from one phone call….

#1 Set measurable goals of your own choosing. What does your business consider a valuable asset? Whether it’s a call enquiry over five minutes long, or a sign-up to your website, you set the goals and monitor them through the platform.

#2 Streamline your existing PPC campaigns. Call tracking shows you which of your keywords resulted in a website visit or a call, and which of those calls met your goals. Determine which of your keywords are still driving useful leads, even if they don’t necessarily meet the ‘conversion’ criteria in Google Adwords’ report. Your calls are now as important as your clicks.

#3 Optimise your SEO. The platform allows you to track calls back as far as the Google search terms used to find you. Get data on which keywords are driving calls to your business, whether they come from call extensions, landing pages or organic search, and much more.

#4 Rate your calls. Post call rating is a call tracking feature that allows you to rate the quality of the calls you’re receiving. Hold on the line after the client has hung-up and fill in a short number survey to gather data on which calls and marketing strategies are generating useful enquiries for you.

#5 Never miss a sales opportunity. Call tracking will send you a missed-call alert if a call occurs out of office hours – meaning you’ll never miss out on a useful enquiry.

#6 It’s not just online actions that can be tracked. Running a marketing campaign through brochures, leaflets or other printed copy? Call tracking gives you a fixed number for these static campaigns that allows you to track the response.

#7 Gather data on your consumers. Glean a rich heap of data from your calls. Call tracking shows you the caller’s number, their geographic location, the content viewed on your website, and allows you to download a recording of the call.

#8 Understand whether your market is made up of new or returning customers. Track a customer’s interactions for up to 10 years and determine if your new or returning audience is growing.

#9 Find out what it was about your website that made them call. Call tracking can monitor a consumer’s interactions with your site before they place a call to you. Find out which aspect of your website drove them to get in touch.

To get call tracking for your business, contact one of our digital marketing team today.




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