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Cheat Sheet for Learning a Programming Language

September 19, 2018

Where To Start

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Learning a new programming language can sometimes be a tricky ordeal, especially for those battling it for the first time. If this isn’t your first rodeo in the world of programming, you’ll most likely find this process a lot easier than you did when learning your first language.

Choosing which language to learn is like deciding which Quentin Tarantino film you want to watch first. They’re mostly all a good choice, but really it comes down to personal preference and of course on which area of development you want to focus your time on.

If you were wanting to kick-start your career in app development you’d be looking at languages like Objective C, C++, C#, Java or Apple’s Swift for Mobile iOS apps.

For backend logic web development the most widely used programming language is PHP. For front-end web development, the base languages are HTML, CSS and Javascript.

I’ve decided on my programming language, now what?

So now you have decided on which language(s) you are going to learn, you’re going to need to find somewhere, or be it, someone… to teach you.

The internet is jam-packed full of great websites, tutorials, blogs and courses specifically targeted at helping you progress your skill set, whether that be for a complete beginner or at an advanced level, there is always room to learn.

As a developer, the greatest tool in your belt apart from a computer is your mind. Keeping up with constant changes in technologies and learning new ways to code is beneficial to becoming and maintaining to be, the best at what you do.

While many of these learning services are paid for, be it subscription based or one-off payments, there are many that offer their knowledge base for free. YouTube is a prime example of how video-based services can advance your skills. 7 years ago I began my long journey of programming, and dare I say it, I began by watching tutorial videos on YouTube of people coding C# (C sharp) and C++ applications from scratch. And yes just like you, it looked like gobbledygook.

I have compiled a small list of websites where you can begin your learning journey for many different programming languages, you can find these at the bottom of this article.

Help, I’m Stuck!

Apple AirPowerLearning a new programming language is not quick, nor is it an easy thing to do, especially if it’s your first time. All programmers get stuck on a problem at one point in time or another, including seasoned developers, and not everything is perfect, there are going to be bugs and little nagging bits.

A recent example of this would be Apple Inc’s wireless charging device. Apple teased the “Apple AirPower” at one of their conferences, which allows their customers to wirelessly charge their iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods all on one mat by just placing your device anywhere on it. However over 1 year down the line, Apple is still yet to mention its name again, sources say that the device is plagued by overheating issues which they are struggling to overcome.

So don’t get yourself down if you are finding it difficult to learn, even the best in the world get stuck sometimes!

Stack Overflow

Also don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, over my 7 years of developing I’ve found Google to be the best in the business in helping me solve a tricky problem. Luckily for us developers, there are many community websites out there to help us when we hit a problem, the most popular being Stack Overflow. A large community of developers where you can find solutions to your problems, or if you can’t find your issue, you can always ask a question yourself. Taking the time to learn a programming language is a great investment and opens up loads of doors including careers in web development and app design.

Helpful Websites





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