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Christmas PPC – Increase sales over Christmas

December 15, 2021 - Fifteen

You want to make the most of the Christmas period, how better to do this than with a little Christmas PPC. You want to make money all year long, but you can use the holiday season to your advantage as people will be taking to online, to fill their late Christmas shopping carts.

PPC, standing for Pay-Per-Click is a marketing strategy in which you pay for advertising that takes the customer directly to your desired location. It’s a quick and easy way to bring new customers in, with little time or resources. However, you’ll need an adequate budget.

Christmas related keywords

With Christmas literally right around the corner, people up until Christmas Eve will be searching for ideas on gifts for the family and friends. Optimising your keywords across your site and landing pages is a must.

Even if it’s only temporary, making the most of the time available is efficient. The relevance within the SERPs will increase, resulting in more flow of customers and visits to your website. Your ranking will be higher without a doubt, you want to optimise SEO on everything including uploading Christmas themed images to ensure this.

Search terms such as ‘Christmas gifts for men’ or ‘for mother’, anything that you can relate to on your site will help. You can also use Google Trends to see what Christmas has in relation to your industry and company.

Understand more about the relationship between SEO and PPC here on our previous blog.

Target Christmas shoppers

Target Christmas shoppers

With all PPC campaigns, you will have to target a specific audience, and usually that means doing the right research. However it’s Christmas! There’s little to no research needed. The predominant audience here is Christmas shoppers, and there are plenty about.

Have the resources for a PPC campaign

Although it would only be a short campaign for the Christmas period, you’ll still need some resources. Besides resources, you always will need a budget to spend. But you can use this season to experiment with, and figure out possibly what works best for your company for the future.

So if you use this year as an experiment, you can figure out the right sized budget that you’d most likely need for next time. You have all the resources you need to help you online too, from different tools and guides, you’ll be able to figure out a future plan for Christmas PPC campaigns.

We’ve talked more in-depth about how to spend a marketing budget effectively in our previous blog here.

Create a Christmas theme for your website

Create a Christmas theme for your website

As we briefly mentioned earlier, optimising images and content SEO for the Christmas period is great. But adding new images, Christmas themed, optimised along with Christmas will be much easier and appropriate.

You can even just edit copies of your current banner imagery, add Christmas themes to them, upload Christmas team images, and decorations you’ve erected for the sake of Christmas spirit. Make your site look the part and adapt to show customers you are up to date.

Have a responsive website

Opportunity is immense at Christmas time, but it  will always be competitive too, that means you need to make sure what you do works. It won’t work if you haven’t got the responsiveness, that will send customers in the other direction too quickly.

Ensure that you’ve optimised for mobile devices, image sizes aren’t too big to load, and too small looking blurry. Page loading times are key, because your spending could be wasted if your customers won’t even give it the time to explore the site.

Have a responsive website


The most important thing if you’ve not already launched your PPC campaign this Christmas, is use the time as a learning curve, see what can be done next year. Its all about the long hall and future proofing what you already have. Business grows overtime, not overnight, and you have to start somewhere.

If you’d like to read more into the fundamentals on PPC campaigns, be sure to check out our previous blog here.

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