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Could Disney Buyout Twitter?

September 28, 2016 - fifteen

The Walt Disney Company already owns various companies, from Walt Disney Studios including; Disney Parks and Resorts, Marvel Studios and The Disney Store to media networks such as ABC and ESPN.

Recently it has been said that Disney are now putting in a bid to purchase the social networking site, Twitter. Other companies have been approached by Twitter including; Microsoft, Salesforce and Alphabet. However, they have either had their bid rejected or have turned down the opportunity.

If Disney do successful buyout Twitter, this will open up a new online outlet for them, as this will be their first ownership of a social media site. It is said that Jack Dorsey, the Chief Executive of Twitter is on the board at Disney, which may be pushing the transaction.

But, could this be a risky move for them?

The risk would be the fact that Disney studios have competing studios, including 21st Century Fox and Time Warner Inc. who may refrain from using or advertising on Twitter. This could cause a potential loss, as these two studios are likely to put a lot of money into advertising on Twitter when they have new film releases.

At the moment, it’s all news by ear. Nothing has been confirmed that this is definitely going ahead. We will have to just wait and see. But, can you imagine the Twitter bird on the logo with Mickey Mouse ears?

Here’s a fun video on how Disney are turning into an empire!

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