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COVID-19: How Designers are Helping People at High Risk? 

March 19, 2020

As of now, you are probably aware that there is a disease spreading across the UK and the world. Otherwise known as the Coronavirus or the technical term COVID-19. At the height of the pandemic, more and more people have been advised to self-isolate or socially distance themselves. While the fatality rate amongst young and healthy people is low, the same can not be said for older people or people with underlying health conditions. 

With all these groups of people being urged to stay at home, this can lead to loneliness, which can drastically affect a person’s mental health. This can also have an effect on the things we take for granted, such as doing a food shop. Nonetheless, you have probably read the title of this article and are wondering “How graphic designers are helping people at high risk?”.  

Using Design for Good

Firstly, let us talk about “the postcard that went viral“. Created by Cornwall-based lecturer Becky Wass. This postcard was initially shared on Facebook. Wass was feeling “helpless” after watching the news and wanting to urge people to help where they can and spread #viralkindness. 

For those who are able, they can list their name, address, phone number and what they can help with on the postcard. The options included are picking up shopping, posting mail, a friendly phone call or urgent supplies. The best part is that this is a charitable campaign – which means it is for free!

Underneath the list there is a reminder for people to ensure they take every precaution possible, this states the following… “Please take every precaution to ensure you are spreading only kindness, Avoid physical contact (2m distance). Wash your hands regularly. Items should be left on your doorstep.”

The postcard is available as a PDF or on google drive – so anyone from the UK – or the world – can download it and print it off and post through their neighbours’ doors. 

With all that said, you are probably thinking that this defeats the purpose of “no human contact”? Well, the good thing about this being downloadable is that people can share this information on their private Facebook accounts, WhatsApp or even via email. Using online platforms will reduce the amount of human contact. Although a lot of people who are at risk are in the older demographic and may or may not have access to the internet – we only can do what we can. Let’s make “kindness go viral” and help those who need help the most.

Facebook post here:

Other creatives who have shared their helpful advice during the coronavirus outbreak are; director and artist Juan Delcan and Valentina Izaguirre, who visualised the positive impact that social distancing can have with an animation of matchsticks catching fire. In the short clip, a row of match sticks are standing next to each other – the first match sticks alight and set off the chain of flames and then a match stick with animated legs steps out of line to prevent the rest of the matches catching fire. This is a simple and clever way to represent the importance of staying at home to avoid the virus spreading. 

Visual artist and author Oliver Jeffers demonstrate the importance of helping each other during the Coronavirus pandemic. In his illustration, he displays earth wearing a surgical mask alongside the visual are the words “now more than ever think ‘we’ not ‘me'”.

The image can be found here on Instagram:

French illustrator Jean Jullien applied his characteristic approach to bring some light-hearted humour to the current COVID-19 crisis. His illustration is a side by side image of a man lying on a sofa “before quarantine” and “during quarantine”. This visual is asking viewers to spot the difference, while the man is surrounded by his laptop, tissues and clothes:

Nevertheless, as a graphic designer, the main purpose is problem-solving. Especially with the coronavirus outbreak changing daily life for many – from self-isolation to social distancing. As designers, we are in a very good position to be able to help where we can and offer creative solutions.  

If you’re looking for some assistance with an informative social media campaign during this trying time or would like a creative solution to your marketing needs, contact Fifteen Design today. In spite of current events, we are working tirelessly to ensure all our clients’ websites perform well in a busy digital landscape.




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