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Delicious Digital Campaigns For Foodies – that make your mouth water

March 30, 2017

We’ve all been sat at our computers or watching the telly and an advert smothered with food is shown right in your face at the moment your stomach rumbles. Before you know it, you’re out the door to your local store to pick up what was just advertised to you. These campaigns are so well-placed and designed to cause this exact motion. Here are some of our favourite delicious digital campaigns.

Have a fling with a Creme Egg

After Cadbury’s creme eggs sales were down in 2011 and 2012, they wanted to really push the sales back up for 2013. They decided to do this through an engaging digital campaign, starting with a video advert and then supporting it with content on their social media.

The concept behind the campaign was focusing on the fact that Creme Eggs are only available for a couple of months a year from Valentine’s Day up until Easter. They combined these two seasonal events with people have a romantic fling with their chocolatey egg.

On their Facebook, they opened up a competition where followers could send in photos of their romantic affairs with their Creme Eggs, in the chance of winning some fun personalised accessories.

This campaign ended up as one of their most successful to date (not quite as memorable as their Gorilla drumming session). There were over 47,000 engagements per post.

You’re not you when you’re hungry

This is one of the greatest Google AdWords food campaigns to date. As part of the Snickers, ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ campaign, they looked into the most commonly misspelt words that are typed into Google search.

They found that when people are hungry, they’re far more likely to make spelling mistakes and lose focus at work. So, when someone made a spelling mistake typing into Google, they would then be targeted with an advert full of spelling mistakes, encouraging them to refuel with a Snickers.


During the campaign, the adverts reached over 500,000 people online! The campaign was so successful it’s still being used today!

So tasty the mouth boggles

Domino’s Pizza love a creative campaign and they really brought it with their mouth-boggling concept. They wanted to express the greatness of their pizzas, but when they spoke to consumer groups, they presented their love for Domino’s in memes and gifs. Essentially, they were joking that there are just no words to describe how great they really are, it’s all in emotion.

This idea then inspired the mouth-boggling concept, which was then created into a comical advert. During the advert, people were featured in presentations or just chatting with friends, who then lost control of their mouths as soon as a Domino’s pizza was brought into the room.

After launching their adverts onto TV and online, they then had a specially created Snapchat filter made. This filter used face recognition to make people’s mouths go skew-whiff, just like those within the adverts. This allowed customers to enjoy an interactive experience and share it with their friends and family, building more brand awareness for Domino’s Pizza.

Here to save the peckish

One of the greatest food brands online is, of course, Innocent Smoothies. At the start of 2011, Innocent brought along their digital campaign ‘Super Smoothie’.

The concept was that many people take on healthy eating New Year’s resolutions, but many fail due to peckish habits. Innocent wanted their products to be the saviour of the day and banish people from those naughty temptations.

They created an advert that featured people watching others enjoy cheeky snacks, whilst they’re stood there biting at their lips wanting to binge. Next thing you know, an Innocent smoothie is flying on into the scene to save the day.

After the TV adverts, they also launched an app game where you could take control of the superhero smoothie against different backgrounds and immerse yourself into the campaign.

innocent super smoothie

Food campaigns are so much fun to work on, as you can really play with the customer’s cravings for certain foods and give them reasons why they should be enjoying your product over competitors’.

There are so many more successful food campaigns out there, have you got any favourites? Let us know on Twitter @fifteendesign.




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